How to Supervise your Building Projects

To get a building constructed can be very easy if you follow these steps I will be explaining to you. Before you begin at all or planning to do anything is better you know what is involved on that thing, and in your plan know how much you are going to spend,and you need to know the numbers of people you’ll be using so that you don’t end up paying people on your site that didn’t work for the day.
There are stages in building constructions that you must follow and requirements of labor varies but have it in your mind that anybody you bring to your site, work or not, they will have to be paid. And in case your first plan doesn’t work you can try another one.
A lot of books are out there advertising new innovations on building, you may be surprised to find out that what you need right now are right in those papers , and you have more opportunities of alternatives.
The reputation of your professional or contractor; how honest is he and which of his past jobs can he point to? who can stand for him, or recommend him to carry out your job. Make sure this person is actually qualified for the job.
Whatever you estimate, our economy is besiege by unending inflation, you will always be expected to spend more at the end of the day, so earmark 20% of the estimate for your building for exigencies, though make sure you don’t stretch your budget to the limit, or what is the essence of a shelter if you don’t have money to provide food for you and your family?
It is important you approve your building plan because of future occurrences, the government can decide to turn your building to a road, what will you use to fight back or at least be paid compensation for your property. If you are a businessman with an approved plan you can turn your property as a collateral to obtain loan from the bank to help your business. You and your contractor must have written agreement on a specific task he is to perform and also documents amount you pay him and always let him sign under to confirm amount of money you have paid to him, if you fail to do this, the probability is very high that you’ll quarrel over money with your contractor as the job progresses. I have seen several cases of this. If you feel what he’s charging is a bit on the high side is better you price lower and find out how your building will reflect the amount of money you are paying. Though the cheapest price is not always the best and the cheapest at the long run may end up being the costliest.
The safety of your workers on site is very important to avoid disaster let your contractor stipulates his health measures for his workers especially in a large building.
When you are not sure of a step you are about to take, please don’t hesitate to ask the professionals before you embark on it, it may ruin your plans when you don’t seek advice, and local contractors and professionals can be of immense benefits also when you need them at short notice. Remember you are employing and creating a job by giving out your project to be managed by a professional who may actually be your friend, but in this case this is business and should be treated as such.
When purchasing materials, always go for the best quality and don’t hesitate to ask for discounts, you will be shocked by the amount of money that will be returned to you. When your contractor is offering you a deal that is too sweet to your hearing and too generous to your purse then you may be heading for disaster. Building work is not always as smooth sailing as some people will make you believe.
You can also save cost unknowingly when you build the biggest possible size you can afford as it will cost less if done at the initial stage rather than as extension later on especially when you are sure of your capabilities.
There is no need for being unnecessarily apprehensive to get your building completed very fast, be patient to watch out for favorable weather when building and also give room for waste management, so that you don’t end up having no space for your septic, refuse and other wastes. Whatever kind of material you are purchasing make sure they will be ready when you need them and always make sure of the presence of services on the site before you purchase them.
Where you keep your materials is also important, are they safe? Using an artisan (bricklayer, carpenter, welder etc) to do the job of a professional like Architect, Structural Engineer etc. is not advisable on your site make sure everyone is qualified for the job at hand and don’t allow any contractor to decide for you because you are the boss and pay only when the job is satisfactory however, don’t cut corners because it will cost you more later.
You can get the best quality of materials in Nigeria, you may not need to go abroad for this, don’t accept poor quality material or workmanship for your job.

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  2. pls, how much it cost for a civil Engr to supervise a structure let’s say residential structure building?. thanks.

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