How to detect a Land under dispute and buying with rest of mind.

Buying a land under dispute is virtually everywhere but most common in crowded urban areas where most land have being sold.
One of the first method is to ask people living around the area about past history of people that have once shown interest on the land or those that have once paid for them, what happened to them when they started work on the land? did they suddenly faced oppositions or everything just collapsed on their head and they have to live the site entirely? these are what people living close to that land can tell you about.
The engagement of competent lawyer to do a thorough check on the documents of the land is essential to avoid falling into such problems. Lawyers do a thorough check on the land and legal history pertaining to the land.
When your agent, is refusing to introduce you to the original owner of the land, this may give a reason to be skeptical. sign of writings on fenced plots warning whoever cares that the land is not for sale or contact so and so atimes may require you to find out more about the land before buying.
Frequent calls on the land by unknown people that are also trying to monitor any unwanted activities on the land when proper documents from the seller can not be gotten or unnecessary delay in getting the papers.
Uncompleted projects on land can also give a sign especially the one that can not go beyond foundation. This is when people usually strike against unsuspecting buyer. To be sure of what you are buying pay an unschedule visit to owner and seller when they are not expecting, this can make you stumble on a clue about the land. READ THIS;
In Ekpoma, Edo State a friend was introduced into buying 2 plots of land, the purported owner’s son actually colluded with the mother and other siblings to sell the Aunts’ land though this land in question formerly belonged to their father, but he had long bequeathed the land to his sister. So without the knowledge of their father, they arranged for another man from Abia State to pose as their father and they carefully made sure when my friend and his client will be coming to pay the money in their father’s house he must have left for the farm. So the elderly man from Abia State was introduced as the father, money exchanged hands that very day, and the eldest of the siblings took the money to finance his relocation abroad. My friend’s client have to pay again to the man’s sister before he could finally secure the land, the woman came up later to lay claim to the land. Assuming these people did not pay at once but paid an unscheduled visit to meet the same old man in the house, they would have stumbled on the fact, because the Abia man only came once to do the job, while the father was not around.

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