Lagosians! why you must move to the outskirt now.

Many land agents have being bombarding our electronic and print media advertising on buying affordable and large expanse of land that are now available in Lagos and its’ environs. But a lot of people are not seeing the need and reason for this “check where and how to get affordable lands in Lagos” Ibafo, Mowe, Ofada, Ayobo-ota spread, Agbara-Atan-Ota, Ikorodu-Sagamu, Badagry and others are some of the numerous areas still available around Lagos where you can get cheap lands to build on. And these are the reasons why you have to be given them serious considerations.

(1) Minimal land dispute cases:

Many a land in Lagos have usually ended, up in one fight or the other due to large numbers of people trying to posess the few available lands remaining. At times after you have paid for a land you find out three other people have once paid for this same land at different time. This may leads to totally loosing the land or you may have to pay for the same land again. Yes, land disputes also happens in the outskirt infact, I have written about it before, but the advantage you have if you fall into such is that you can be given another land since there is a lot of lands still available for sale. There is a known case of someone that was given a land but delayed in building and Omo Onile have to sell the land out, and he was given one again and they later sold it due to his inability to commence work, but they still went ahead to allocate him another land. In the urban area this will be impossible to achieve since there are no more lands at all.

(2) You are unlikely to be defrauded:

Since a lot of land is there to be sold, you are unlikely to get defrauded, 419 land speculators are not common in these areas. However I’ll advice you contact a professional real estate agent.

(3) Collapse of Building is not common in this area,

land is plenty and nobody finds any need to build multistorey buildings, so you won’t have to worry about incessant collapse of building in urban areas.

(4) Pollution:

Air Pollution is reducing the life span of Nigerian in the cities unknown to many. The Carbon Monoxide we inhale on daily basis from vehicle exhaust is enough for us to consider moving.

(5) Vegetation:

Man no matter how hard you work needs lots of vegetation around you to have a balance health system. We may not know the damage we are causing to our health by jampacking ourselves in the overcrowded city until an health expert tells us more about it.

(6) Availability of larger land spaces is also an advantage instead of crampling ourselves in a quarter plot and half plot most people are now settling for.

(7) This lands are far cheaper :

what you will use in buying half a plot in the urban area is what you will use to buy two full plots in these places. The cost of construction is also relatively low in these areas.

(8) Fast rate of development:

You may not know, you may not feel it and you may not see it, Nigerian economy is improving, small girls and boys of yesterday are becoming men and women, they are getting married they are making more money and they are now seeking for available lands to build their house, do you expect them to demolish the ones that are already existing? No!! so where else can they get land except these places, I can assure you young couples are moving in droves to possess lands in these areas and it will be too bad if you’re reading now about it and you don’t take advantage of these opportunities don’t wait till when the lands will no longer be affordable ( hope it won’t be too late for you). I am in the field and I know people are moving in thousands right now buying these lands.

(9) These areas has advantage of the accessibility to the major expressways that will take you to the main areas in minutes.

(10) Commercial opportunities:

Another area and where I want you to look is the possibilities of making so much money from traffic these places are generating at presence.

(11) Real Estate:

Nothing more but for you to start making more and more money, the price of land annually in these areas are increasing by 50% annually and from more indication the percentage is already going far higher in places closer to the urban area. Check it, assuming you buy 2 lands at the rate of =N=200,000 each, that is =N=400,000. In a year that same land you’ll sell for at worst, low price of =N=600,000. You have made =N=200,000 gain in a year.

An architect with decades of experience

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