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Different kinds of security measures is in place to ward off if not totally check petty thieves and burglars. But security network, in as much as we now have advancement in technology is still been broken by armed robbers. Let, talk about the common ones and we move to the more sophisticated measures.

(1) Fencing:

The traditional thing in Nigeria of today is to raise high fence round your building to avoid land encroachment and burglars to your house but in as much as this may reduce them it cannot stop the more dangerous and sophisticated thieves. Fencing perse covers gated communities either individual or group, though also helps in no small measue in cutting out intruders, it may also be a barrier to emergency services like the police or fire departments. Gate or fence with thorn wire mesh makes it even more difficult for those planning to scale the fence.

(2) Dogs;

However from time immemorial, dogs have provided good security from armed robbery atacks, burglars and unfavoured intrusions to private home. The Guard dogs helps to alert owners when strangers approaches the house, thereby protecting the family and property. The aggressive ones especially, work best for this purpose and there are a lot of varietes of them from dobermans, alsatians etc.

(3) Human Guard:

This also helps to an extent but will make you to spend money on monthly basis maintaining an extra hand in your house. There are organisations today operating private security outfits, though the efficiency at time is a suspect, they can however help to ward off petty thieves, because they are not given license to properly armed themselves by the federal government.

(4) Vigilante Group:

There are individuals now that gets licenses for guns and operate a network of vigilante group in their environment. Others have personally at home in case of attacks, though it takes a lot of proper screening for this to be achieved.

(5) Burglary proof:

Burglary proof of strong iron materials reduces too though there are cases of robbers and getting access to the house.

(6) Using the power of psychology:

There are known cases of some landlords playing low on the exterior of their house when you look at their house from outside, you’ll be forced to think there is nothing valuable in the inside, but only when you are giving the opportunity to enter and judge for yourself. Some people have used this to turn away the eyes of less familiar neighbours from getting close.

(7) Underground safe:

There are people when building their houses they construct underground safe, which is only known to the landlord of the house. Others puts theirs ceillings.

(8) Security technological innovations:

The last is the security technological innovations that are now diverse and of different uses. There are alarms, CCTV monitors, screening doors etc. This accessories uses advance sensors to detect metallic objects that can be used to harm you and they can be very effective e especially CCTV monitor placed in strategic locations.

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