Problems working against building your house

Inability to build a house of your own is mostly caused by psychological factors rather than finance as most will think.


The fear of building a house by some people is actually from the fear of spiritual attacks.
Due to this a lot of people have refrained or totally abandoned their dream project because they perceive a witch somewhere in their village is not happy about it.
Though this can not be proved, the only help such people can get is to meet a firebrand spiritual leader that can advise and pray for them.

The fear of your abilities:

Fear can also hinder you from trying at all when considering starting your project.
This fear usually are not necessary and is occasioned by the general belief that you must spend your entire life savings to get a building.

Ignorance or Illiteracy:

Being ignorant of how to go about your building project may also debar you from actually building and will cause you to even lose money and time trying to figure it out.

Overestimation and Underestimation:

When your consultant overestimatebeyond your means, it could make you to back out of the idea o9f building a house, underestimation may only leads to uncompleted or abandoned project. So get a good quantity surveyor to estimate for you or use two or more experienced building contractors to do it before venturing into any project.

Incessant transfer in your place of work:

This may also be a debarring factor , but you have to make up your mind and chose any of these places you are posted to to acquire a land and build, because you may not be working under that establishment forever.


Background also matters when building a house if you have being close or come from a family that appreciates building houses, you may find it easy going by the knowledge you must have gathered growing, that is why a bricklayer as poor as he might be will have a house to call his.
When the family is rich and have some plots of land then you will have a leverage for you young guys to build.


This will definitely cause a lot of houses to be abandoned by a family if the breadwinner is no more.
The only solution is for everybody to imbibe the culture of insuring life and properties.


Inadequate finance or take home pay would make most not build. In as much as this may be the most important thing you need, for a well articulated person with regular savings from a meager income, you will still be able to build a house that can meet your budget, no matter how small.

An architect with decades of experience

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