How to Hire a competent building Contractor

Many atimes we find it difficult to get a contractor because of our ignorance.
A good one is easy to detect. After you must have gotten your plans what you should do is to make sure you get proof from the man that he had carried out the likewise jobs before.
He must have an address, he should nbe articulate enough in his spoken English you can even use this to detect a schooled person and someone that just learn oneor two thoings outside only to parade himself as a contractor.
He must be able to show you past works of his probably a catalog you can view to confirm his claims.
It may not be necessary to check his registration but is important when you are thinking of a large project. For a contractor in business then he must have registered his company at least to show level of seriousness and otherwise, it may not be with the Corporate affairs commission but the local authority should be able to have his papers with them.
His Contractor’s license is necessary to add some credibility.
You, the homeowner, needs to be able to visualize the every room and corner in the house to be able to explain your special needs to the home builder.
If you have floor plans available, provide a copy of the floor plan. It will be easier for the building Contractor to provide a more accurate estimate on your project.
Request a detailed bid on your project with separate material and labor components. In this way, you will be able to compare different bids.
Ask for the warranty in writing Bids: Before selecting your contractor, you will need at least 3 proposals. All the agreements and verbal promises should be put in writing to protect all parties involved on your project.
The contract: In addition to the start and end dates of the project, the contract needs to have a detailed description of all the work to be performed. It also needs to include the total cost of the project and a schedule of the payment to the General Contractor. Some additional items to include are:
Daily clean up around the work site and final clean up.
A binding arbitration clause in case of disagreements.
One final word. Before signing any contract make sure you understand all the components. It is your home. You have a right to ask questions and explanations. Do not make your decision on price alone; reliability, quality of work , and on time performance are also important. Remember that the Contractor you select will end up knowing you better than your doctor. You and your family will see the contactor during the project every day. The relationship between the home builder and the client is crucial for the success of the project.

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