Advantages of aluminium roof to others

Though costly,the trends these days is to use aluminium roof to cover your house because of its advantages.

1. It is light
Aluminium is comparatively very light .Conveying from one point to the other is easy . And it doesn’t add much weight to the building structure. The structural effects of it on a building is virtually non existent.

2, It is clean
The roof is also very clean and easy to handle, you don’t need to wash or do some extra treatment on it.

3, Is not harmful
Due to shortage of tapwater, A lot of Nigerians drink rainwater dropped from the roof. For an asbestors roof , study has shown that drinking water from it may cause cancer And for common zinc, it easily corrodes and particles from it also goes a long with the fetched water.But this is not so with aluminium because of it clean nature.

4,It fits perfectly well to your building.
Aluminium in the factories are rolled like toilet rolls it is when you measure the span of your building roof trusses that the aluminium is cut into the size and lenght of your roof.

5, Doesn’t leak easily.
Except during the process of installation,it is only when the roof is damaged by nails or others that you may experience leakage but which can also be easily corrected.

6, Is not corrosive
Aluminium doesn’t corrode or rust , hence it is good when you are thinking of long term benefits.

7,It last long
Because of it’s non corrosive nature and ease of dismantling it lasts longer than most of other roofing materials.

8, It is reusable
Due to changes in house plans and taste, some buildings are daily demolished to pave way for modern and new buildings . But the aluminium roofs are always carted away to be reused somewhere else or sold.

9, Ease of dismantling
You can easily dismantle the roof and use elsewhere without damaging it.

10,Ease of installation
Among the roofing materials , aluminium roof is the easiest to install. Just cut to roof trusses lenght and fix together with nails at 1200mm centers e.t.c.

11, Aesthetically more pleasing.
It is most beautiful among the roofing materials we have, especially when you are looking for a colour that will blends easily with paints on walls and the environment.

12, It can be of any colour.
The roof can be coated to a suitable colour you like to have.

Under certain condition it can be bent to form a desire shape. Arcs, curves e.t.c

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  1. What advantages does concrete roofing tiles have over the now ubiquitous Aluminium Roofing Span? Considering the fact that Aluminiun Roofing Span is mainly imported compared with Concrete Roofing Tiles with over 95% of the raw material locally available (Sand,Cement and Water), don’t you think that it is high time we encourage the use of Concrete Roofing Tiles?.Also,the percentage share of Concrete/ClaY Roofing Tiles of most European houses is also currently on the rise.We have to encourage local production of the things we use, help our economy, create wealth and employment and reverse this trend of Nigeria being a consuming nation with little or no internal production. The real sector continues to remain undeveloped with Nigeria reduced to a fertile dumping ground for foreign products.

  2. Thanks for all your write-ups.
    Can know the number of blocks needed for 3 bedroom flat with 2 toilets (one master bedroom).

  3. Our factory can supply aluminium sheet/coil/strip by high quality and competive price in china. Hope to cooperate with you! Pls contact with me by email

  4. I would like to know which is a better roofing material – aluminium roofing sheet or Gerard (Stone chip) tiles?


  5. What is the advantage and disadvabtage of using imported aluminium roofing sheets as against Nigeria aluminium roofing sheets

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