Advantages of Landscaping your house

Due to jostling for space in urban areas most Nigerians have totally forgotten the needs and benefits of landscaping
-One is the cooling effects of a landscaped building or site
Trees planted on your site helps to shield the direct rays from sun in the hot afternoon and results in the cooling of the environment, you can actually come out of your rooms to sit under the tree and receive cool breeze when everywhere else is hot.
-Landscaping among other benefits, beautifies the house greatly especially when the job is handled by a professional. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your building, gives it a new look which is attractive.
-It gives a feeling of a complete and ideal environment that can be called an ecosystem. Carbon dioxide generated by human beings during breathing and car smokes/fumes e.t.c are consumed by plants and they inturn returns oxygen needed by you to the atmosphere, this gives an aura of air freshness.
-Others do have gardens that produces edible vegetables and fruits. Since you have the time to tender your garden you are most likely going to enjoy the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which is a good source of vitamins.
Attractions to birds.
People pays a lot of money to buys live birds in their homes, but landscaped gardens naturally draws interesting birds to the environment. Hence you won’t need to pay for what others are paying for. Some of these birds have nice hummings and beautiful feathers that can complement your environment.
-Also having them gives you a feeling of serenity, you feel closer to nature and appreciates it more when you are in the urban areas which is full of hustling and bustling with little or no available space for green areas.
-A landscaped area makes you naturally comfortable and organised. The natural environment can be sweet to feel.
-Scents from plants
Depending on the type of flower you have, nice scent emanates from them. Some can be very strong smelling and nice to smell.
Sit out-
A nice sit out of Gazebo and other forms of tents complements your building.

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  1. This is all nice and well, but in Nigeria, sitting out in open spaces have its disadvantages in the name of ‘mosquitoes’ My big bros in PH finnished his house recently with nice garden area in front where we sit out some hot evenings but mosquitoes keep spoiling the nice settings for us and often chase us back inside. Never-the-less, still a good idea to have landscaping

    1. Thanks Emeka for the comment, but you can also fumigate the place besides mosquitoes are not common in the daytime. So enjoy the day at your garden then move in at night to sleep. Aren’t you suppose to be indoors at night in the first place? lol

  2. Emma, you’re doing a great job out there. you don’t know how many people you’ve helped as it concerns building their own houses. please keep up the good work.

    I’m eqally planning free homebuilding seminars for prospective homeowners in major cities in Nigeria. I’m wondering if you mind collaboration in laudable initiative.

    please let me have your reaction.


    Ugo Iwegbu

    1. Thanks Ugo I really appreciate your comments.
      Yes we can work together and I am interested in any capacity.

  3. Thanks for your post. The content was superb.
    A landscaped environment must be properly trimmed to avoid breeding of rodents and snakes.

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