Planning your Bathrooms

Bathrooms as unimportant as you may think, has a lot you can do with it to enjoy yourself.
The first thing is to get the basic planning right to suit your taste and budget.

Types of bathroom
1) Built in bathrooms
This is designed to provide plenty of storage space
2) New looks in old bathrooms
These are refurbished bathrooms that blends the old styles with more contemporary ones you are upgrading to.
3) Bathrooms with unusual décor.
This has unconventional fixtures such as round or period style tubs.
4) Supermordern or ultra-streamlined bathrooms
5) Specialised bathrooms
Specialized bathrooms are equipped with whirlpools and saunas, shower stall rooms master bathrooms and powder rooms.
The bathroom should be one of the most inviting rooms in your home. Try to make it a combination of warmth and luxury with easy to clean fixtures.

The steps you should take
Find a brochure on designs, go through them, choose the one that catch your fancy ,then call your builder or architect to help actualize and see how what you have in mind fits into the plan of your bathroom.
You can visit specialist shops that offers wide range of tubs lavatories fixtures in many shapes and sizes. Your interior designer could be someone you need contact in this aspect. Colour choice is another thing to consider, how will the plumbing wares colour fits in perfectly with the colour paint of your building.
You need to also know how changes in your bathrooms affects your plumbing, will it require you spending too much on it to fix?
To start one from scratch then you need to measure the room and draw the shape showing—
Size and location of door and direction it opens,
Size location and type of windows
Location of hot and cold water supplies
Hot water heater location and capacity
Radiator or heated towel rail
Electrical outlets and switches
Mirror positions, hand drier
And putting in mind whatever you want to keep

Remodelling your bathroom does not necessarily mean changing the fixtures if they are good. If the colour is bad you can easily call specialist companies to get them resurfaced for you,this they would do on site. But when your fixtures needs replacement look through the catalog.
It is important to note the fixtures locations, the space around them and the best ways to position them.
Your wc and other fixtures like bidet ,lavatory and tub, when they are on the same plumbing line whereby you connect them to the main stack i.e the big pipe which goes down to the main waste line reduces the cost of plumbing.

The bath usual site is one side against a wall or both ends against adjacent walls. However you can also achieve an interesting bathroom by going unconventional placing the bath at the center and giving space for you to decorate spaces left round the bath.
You need to install this close to your toilet if it is in the same room, provide towel rack and space for a toothbrush holder and soap dish.
Ideally it should be separated from the bathroom,but lack of space makes it impossible in many homes. The usual thing is to locate the toilet or wc close to a window where you can have ventilation.

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