Reasons why your contractor will fire you.

-You claim to know too much-this is the major reason some fail woefully when managing their contractors.
True he who pays the piper dictates the tune ,but not in the case where you have to make your contractor realise he is not in charge of your site.
Is good to point out your observations or mistakes when both of you are together alone.
-You must not ridicule your contractor in front of his subordinates or artesans, when you see anything that falls short of your expectations,call him aside and point out your observations to him, you don’t need to do this infront of his subordinates else you will make him to lose grip and respect of his workers.
-You believe he should work for you for free.-this is one big mistake a lot of people are making.
No good thing comes easy or free or easy,one way or the other you must pay for it to get value.
The person happens to be your brother or family member does not apply. He must be paid, yes! he may not be able to refuse you, but if he is a criminal minded one then he will pay himself by colluding with the suppliers of materials and workers on your site to milk you.
-He is starved of funds without reasons, if adequate reasons are not giving but you keep starving your project of funds a time is coming that your contractor will lose
interest on your site and he won’t take you with seriousness any longer. Construction industry is fast growing in Nigeria ,the earlier you realise that jobs are now everywhere for building contractors the better you will treat one that is efficient.
The man wants to take advantage of these opportunities and make money for himself,so your attitude may make him to take your work unseriously.
– Pilling unreasonable pressure on him to deliver-Pressure is good when you have the money to execute your project but you must be reasonable to listen to his advice or you may end up with a collapsed building, there are step by step proceses that you must follow strictly otherwise you will end up blaming yourself.
-Crashing or reducing time frame of project completion depends on how you are able to coordinate yourself with the critical areas well taking care of.
-When you also wants him to sacrifice quality for quantity. We all have a standard we maintain but some standards are built by experiences. Where you are coming from, knowledge imparted into you will determine the level of standard you have to do to maintain. There are minimum standards everybody in the profession must meet.
An engineer once told me that if you are a doctor you can only kill one person at a time due to negligence,but for an engineer,out of your negligence you can destroy an entire village.
So is important you consider safety first ,as the right measure will forestall collapse of building.

An architect with decades of experience

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