How to Supervise your Tiller/Tilling Contractor

Tilling is part of tilling finishes that you will have to be very careful of. A good tilling work will bring out the beauty of your floor out and gives a pleasant look to the eyes of your visitor. So it can mess you up both financially and aesthetical wise if wrongly done.

Tiles are very costly if well handled by an expert it canbe used to cover up errors on a floor done by your masons/bricklayers.

Clean up the floor you want to tile, this is important to remove dirts that will affect the bonding strength of the mortar you are going to use.

Tillers tiles floor in very gentle slope that are not noticeable towards an edge, though not easily noticed by users, this slope helps the water on tiles to drain easily out to the drainage points on your site.

Use the edge of a trowel to form a grove on the floor where you will lay the tiles. Let the mortar (cement sand ) cover the badly treated areas of floor before applying tiles.

Make sure your tiller use the spacer, spacers are small plastic materials that are used for even spacing of the tiles you want to lay, they are usually 3/16th’s of an inch thick and will help ensure consistency in the width of the joints.

After laying your tile down and use tile spacers to keep them perfectly even distant from each other do not walk on them, leave those spacers overnight and next day rmove the spacers. Then the even space created will now be filled up with a mixture of white cement and water.

In circular motions, wipe the grout off the tile, after 2 days clean up the entire floor space.

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