How To Prevent and Fight Termites In Your House

Termites are often overlooked problem when building your house, but it is
reported that termites destroys about $1billion worth of properties each

Termites are voracious wood eaters and can easily destroy everything wood
in your house if not quickly checked.

Before digging your foundation there is need to investigate if
termites are around your sites better still you can check for their hills
around, if found, then you have to apply chemicals on the soil.

How do you know when termites are eating your House.

After termites have entered your house, the first telltale notice is the
way they move around your house in swarms, they do this to look for a colony to establish, once a reproductive pair finds a suitable place to live and mate, they bore into the soil or into a wood structure, seal themselves off and commence mating. Once the founding king and queen stops
foraging they sit back and allow their offsprings to feed them which by
now may be in thousands.
The multitudes in turn search for food and their basic food is simple
sugars, derived from the cellulose found in wood and wood products.

The second sign is excrement which occurs in tiny thin strips rounded
at the ends usually around woods.

Another one that is very noticeable is the mud tubes, termites needs water to survive and with the water it is easy for them to provide shelter.

During rainy season you may notice much of these mud tubes which acts as

termites causewaays protecting the insect from heat and dryness as they

move around between nest and food source.

How to prevent Termites attack

(1)Before digging your foundation you caan sprinkle chemicals “Andrex T”
etc on the soil to forestall their invasion.

(2)Use well polished woods treated with chemicals can also protect them
from eating your furniture .

(3)You can also use hardwood that are resistive to termite when you are
planning to work on your roof and the furnitures. Ask your contractor or
carpenter to specify for you if you can’t get a professional to do it.

An architect with decades of experience

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