How To Calculate The Amount Of Paint Needed For Your Room

Calculating the amount of paint needed depends largely on the surface area

of the wall in the room.

Measure out the perimeter of the room i.e the entire length of the

four sides of the room or as the case may be.

Then measure out the height of the room, the length from floor to the

ceilling. These could be in meters or in feet depends on what you are used


Now calculate the surface area of the room which is simply by multiplying

the total length of the room by the ceilling heigth.

For a standard Nigerian room, it is usually 3.6m x3.6m or 12ft x12ft

others can also make theirs 3.6m x3.0m or 12ft x 10ft depends on the plan

of the house.

After this measure out the openings in the room, most often the windows

and doors.

For windows it may be 1.2m x 1.2m i.e 4ft x 4ft or 1.8m x 1.2m i.e 6ft x

4ft, the height of windows are mostly 1.2m or 4ft while the length is what

usually varies. Multiply the height by the length of all the windows and

then do same for doors.

For doors the height is usually 2.1m or 7ft and the length is 0.9m or

900mm or 3ft do multiply the height by the length and sum the total areas

of openings in the room then subtact from the total surface area of the


After determining your area (square feet or m2) then choose your paint

check the label of the paint bucket for the spread rate for the

paint.Spread rate is just the number of square feet (m2)of surface each

coat of paint will cover .After finding out, divide the total surface area

you measured earlier by this number to determine the number of paint

bucket/liter you will need for each coat.

The number of coats you should apply depends on the type of paint, the

colour,the nature of the colour you are applying, method of application

and the nature of the surface.

For example, you will likely need a second coat of paint when covering a

dark color with a lighter one. Also, certain surfaces, like exterior

masonry, are very porous and absorb a great deal of paint. In such cases,

a second coat is often needed to give the paint a uniform appearance.

Using a brush will put on a heavier, better-hiding coat than roller

Check this out to calculate in u.s gallons instanta