Why and How to Choose a paint

Painting a house is important if you really want a building to last long and be appreciated by outsiders. There are so many reasons why you should paint your house amongst are

(1)Protection against weather, insects and other elements-
There are specialized paints that are treated to fight pests and other elements that are destructive to the building, therefore such paints are usually in high demands in the market.

(2)Others are applied on walls even to encourage creeping stems and reptiles, its complimentary to the wholesome view of the building.

(3)The most common reason is that of aesthetic, paints makes your building to look very beautiful if you have a very good combination of colours especially when the colour scheme blends with the environment or landscape.

(4)Some paintings gives signs of purity or cleanliness especially when it is white or off-white.

(5)The choice of colour and painting sometimes give passersby a clue of the type of business the building will be used for.

(6)Painting also adds value to a property.

(7)It also has psychological effects on the users, the reason why most hospitals are painted white and residential buildings are always with cool colours.
Choosing a paint especially in a tropical region where humidity and heat is discouraged you have to paint the external face of the wall with light colours to discourage absorption of heat from the sun, therefore use water-based latex paints on your exterior because they are fast drying ,reflective, easy to repaint and they have less odour and fumes compared to oil based paints.
Oil based paints can be used for interior because it is longlasting.
Apply gloss in wood trims, woodworks and furniture because of its ease of cleanliness which is also light reflective(shiny).

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