Basic measurements and conversions of feet and inches to metric and plots of land


Internationally accepted standard measurement is in meters, millimeters etc hence most drawings from present day architects are in millimeters. However many are used to measuring in feet and inches, therefore is important for you to convert a measurement done in S.I unit to feet and inches for a proper mental visualization of the space measurement.

Remember your primary school conversion

10 millimeter=1 centimeter

10 centimeter=1 decimeter

100 centimeter=1 meter

1000 millimeters=1 meter

1000 meters=1 kilometer

At spot approximately, one inch is taken as 25mm, hence to convert inches it will go in this format

1”=(25 x 1)=25mm

2”=(25 x 2)=50mm

3”=(25 x 3)=75mm

4”=(25 x 4)=100mm   e.t.c

So for a 6” block or thickness of concrete we are only saying (6” x 25)=150mm

Converting this to meters, remember  1000millimeter (mm) is 1 meter(m), therefore divide 150mm by 1000mm=0.15m. The same formula applies to others.

For feet we use approximately 3.3 feet to 1 meter, hence we usually goes in this order

1 meter=3.3 feet

2 meter=(2 x 3.3)=6.6 feet

3 meter=(3 x 3.3)=9.9 feet

4 meter=(4 x 3.3)=13.2 feet

5 meter=(5 x 3.3)=16.5 feet

6 meter=(6x 3.3)=19.8 feet    etc

These are close approximates to help in easily converting measurements from your drawing since most are familiar with inches and feet.

For areas of land you are to buy in Lagos is commonly 18 meters by 36meters or 60 feet by 120 feet though it may varies in some areas and for most of other states is 15 meters by 30 meters i.e 50 feet by 100 feet. So the area of a plot in Lagos is approximately 648m2 i.e (18m x 36m) and for most of other states is 450m2 i.e (15m x 30m)

Now to calculate areas of land,

An acre of land is approximately 4,047m2

An hectare is 100m by 100m piece of land which is equals to 10,000m2

An hectare of land is about 2.47 acres

An acre is approximately 0.405 hectare

Remember one plot is 648 m2

therefore to know how many plots in an acre is

4,047 m2/648 m2=6.245 plots. Approx 6 plots

However for the numbers of plots in an acre for a plot of 450 m2

is 4,047 m2/450 m2=8.9933 plots. Approx 9 plots

For the numbers of plots in an hectare therefore is

10,000 m2/648 m2=15.432 plots Approx 15 plots

Or simply put 6 x 2.47 acres =14.82 Approx 15 plots

And for a 450m2 plot

10,000m2/450m2 =22.22 plots. Approx 22 plots

Or simply put 9 x 2.47 acres=22.23 plots. Approx 22 plots