How to install POP (plaster of paris) ceilling

Plaster of Paris is regarded as any type of plaster containing calcined gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate), sand and water. When these ingredients are combined, they result in the formation of a tough, dry product; however, plaster of Paris can be sanded to achieve a variety of looks. By following some basic guidelines, you can use plaster of Paris to mend cracks, fix dents,for ceilling, in walls and even to create artworks.
However in this case our focus is on ceilling.
POP popularly called plaster of paris is used for a lot of purposes because it can easily be formed to any shape and it hardens quickly and is easy to operate.
To do a pop ceilling in your home, getting it done is in two ways, you can buy the materials yourself which include pop cement , yarn(spongelike material) etc then pay the installer based on per square meter of area of coverage, or you can give it out totally as a contract.
But these are the basic steps in getting pop ceilling cast-on-site done.
Get cement, bucket,water, a very plane and smooth surface could be a table, a rectangular glass of a big size to give smooth surface for the modules that will be produced.
POP’s are casted on plane surface by placing the glass of a considerable size on an even table, support the edges by wood of the thickness you wish to cast. Make sure you clean the table from dirts.
Then mix POP cement with a concentration of approximately 7 parts water to 10 parts pop and place some portion of yarn in the mould.
Place the water in the bucket and and slowly pour the pop cement into it and continously stir with a stick or whatever handy just the way you put “amala-yam flour on hot boiling water and stir until curing. The longer is mixed the better it will become.
The yarn helps to strengthen the pop board formed, just same way iron rods helps to carry concrete.
Pour the pop into the mold of glass base and wooden stuffs by the edge, this is required to form plane straigth board of pop, as you pour gently tap the molds to allow escape of bubbles in the mixture, and you have to pour enough mixture for it to be sligthly overfilled, then level off the mold using a straight edged tool like a trowel, called putty knife to smoothen the top surface.
You can remove the support by the side which may be wood,iron range or anything straigth by the side that can hold the mix before hardening. Gently use same putty knife to separate the glass from the hardened mix of pop cement and water after two hours so you can use same mold to form another one untill you have enough boards that can cover the area you need. Place them in open air to dry the next day.
To install the boards after hardening, for a ceilling of concrete decking, the yarn is also mixed with a concentration of pop cement to form a strong adhesive (gum) between the concrete ceilling and the boards, just make sure you have a good paste of the pop and enough yarn to sustain the weigth, the plasterboards are usually light after drying anyway.
And for wooden ceilling same process can be used as above also binding wire can also be applied to tie the boards to the woods above ceilling.
When you want to place the boards, establish the edges the pop will be placed, make sure any point you mark use range and plumb to transfer round the room to achieve very straight line round the room. Get some iron range(straight iron of about 3.6m) use them to support the boards from one side to the other, you do this by tieing the range to the wood on the roof by binding wire, then inbetween the range you place the boards and start joining them together on the roof with the mixture of yarn and cement and you also join the boards at the edges together by thick mix of same pop cement. Try to achieve a smooth and even surface by patching with pop paste and gradually untie the range by removing the binding wire under the boards. Fill holes left with pop pastes using putty knife to blend the surface.
For the cornice at the edges follow same process of forming the molds. However the molds container are already forms in plastics which can be bought from the market,depends on the type of design you want out of the ones available in market, get the same cement, water mixture with yarn for strength and pour into mould. When is dry you will still need the range and plumb to establish the line of the cornice, and also place just like the boards, but this time it will be along the walls.
Medallions are pop designs usually in flowery patterns that are mostly placed at the center of the room, they are also of the pop mix and you can also buy them in the market. Adding ornamental ceilling plaster around your pendant light fixtures can bring beauty and value to your home.

POP can be painted with any kind of colour surprisingly 90% prefers white paint or they thought POP must come in white since thats what they’ve been seeing around.
Before you give a final paint leave the finished pop for two weeks minimum to properly dry.
POP is also used on walls to smoothen the walls and give a perfect interior when painted or when wallpapers are applied . Just use the putty knife to smoothen it.
To apply light fittings, check the size of the bulb cover and you can easily cut the POP boards to fit the lights into it.
Also consider these benefits gotten online-
Benefits of POP Ceiling
# Plaster of Paris lends a smooth, matte finish to the interior ceiling.
# POP can be painted; and it can be also given a textured look.
# POP can be cast into any shape and thus can be used to create ornamented designs for ceiling.
# POP medallions are a popular way to give the interiors a classic look.
# POP designs can be successfully used to highlight ceiling light fixtures.
# POP false ceiling is a common element of contemporary interiors.
# Plaster of Paris can be used to create varied shapes of false ceiling.
# POP false ceiling can be easily adorned with recessed lighting.
# POP false ceiling can be made interesting by providing different levels in the ceiling.
# POP ceiling with cove lighting is a popular element of contemporary interiors.
# POP false ceiling is commonly used to conceal air conditioning ducts.
# POP false ceiling is also used to cover ugly beams running across the ceiling.
# Plaster of Paris can gel with other materials like glass and wood to provide you a composite ceiling.
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  2. I finally finished my little two-bedroom cottage following all your tips. It’s lovely too and because I had knowledge on my side(thanks to you) did not spend foolishly. I am about to help someone else. She is asking how possible to build her house using pillars so her windows are big. That is my question to you in turn. Regards.

    1. I don’t think I got the question right, Pillars can be placed but if you are talking of a storey building I am sure you know she will need a structural Engineer to place the pillars(columns). So you can call me so I get the question right…08026228682

  3. Please, I am building a 4 bedroom bungalow and I am at the roofing stage. I have chosen to use Aluminium (step tiles pattern) but I have seen many roofing sheets that have there roof colour turning brown less thatn two years after installation. So what types/products of Aluminium do you profer for me. Also i want to use POP ceiling in my lounge/Pallow but I am confused the pattern of medallion/medallions to use in it.Please send me some patterns/designs to choose from.
    Thanks and regards, Chris.

    1. The change in colour is strictly quality problem. You see Nigerians as we are , businessmen go to China and specify for manufacturers over there to reduce cost. Thats what you see these days buying from most of the importers in the market that now dotes our landscape. Companies like Tower aluminium also goes to same place but they will give a better specifications so that they can maintain the standard quality.
      For the medallion get a pop installer I can get one for you if you don’t have, tell them to send pictures of different ones available or you can just go to the market yourself and choose the one you like.

  4. Good day, would love to know what causes mould to appear on a well screeded interior wall of a building painted with high quality paint( dulux paint). Thanks

    1. @Udemeh, That usually happens because of the problem of water capilarity actions. If your house is in a waterlogged place and the german floor is not treated properly or was not done at all you’ll have such problem. Is advisable when building your house you apply damp proof membrane (nylon) to block water from moving up to the ground floor before casting.
      Could also be that the decking is a very porous one and your room is directly undetr a bathroom upstair in this case you’ll still have same problem.
      Applying anti damp/leakage cement in the concrete may still help a bit especially along the walls.

  5. whatever may be your reasons for publishing this information free, I say God bless you. God bless a cheerful giver, not only for giving cash but also for providing assistance when needed, which includes information. So again I say God bless you for giving out these information.

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  7. gudday Sr. I must complement your good job to humanity well done, Sr plz I’m interested in leaning how to fix pop wall screeding and painting. if u can link me with somebody or a company I can learn from, I’m an SSCE holder thanks and God bless this my number 08069104847

  8. nice concept.pls do u accept sub-contractors?Am in to P.O.P (interior and exterior) designing with years experience.pls reply,thanks.

  9. Good day to you sir, please I need know what could cause mold to form on pop ceiling?
    we have not spent up to 5 months in our new house and suddenly molds are forming all over the ceilings in every room causing them to turn an ugly black colour. what can we do to check this situation.

  10. I am a sculptor, better in what i do and i’m into POP works with graphics detailings, i will be glad if i can get a link of contract jobs with construction firms and iit’s likes. 08035844083 is my direct line, expecting your call someday, shalom…

  11. I am a sculptor, better in what i do and i’m into POP works with graphics detailings, i will be glad if i can get a link of contract jobs with construction firms and it’s likes. 08035844083 is my direct line, expecting your call someday, shalom…

  12. Hi Emma,
    I am getting my own house constructed in Gurgaon, India. I am getting POP applied over walls as punning and after that will get paint done. But recently came across couple of people who raise that POP is not good thing to do on walls as it doesnt support paint properly. Can you pls guide me on this, in case if there is some problem then how to address that.

  13. This is an educative and skill oriented information for those who are eager to make good use of it. As for me, I’ve grasp the subject matter. Thanks a million sir. Pls, if there be any available contract on POP ceiling, mail me on or call: 08034999080. Once again, thanks.

  14. This POP thing hope it doesn’t fall from ceiling. I have neighbours upstair that likes to pound and jump around always

  15. This is lovely! Nice write-up.
    I just underwent a trainig on pop yesterday but i need a place to buy the cornice moulds, pop moulds, and the medallion.
    Can you suggest a place where i can buy these in Ibadan, and the price, please?
    Thank you in anticipation.

  16. Pls i read Estate management in schl i had a stint with some estate firms but i’ve just started my property buisness with Pop ceiling added as i often get offers from my builder & Architect friends. Pls i need ur advice on the materials procurement needed in Pop, the standard cost for eac material & standard for job quotation.

  17. Please, I am building a 4 bedroom bungalow and I am at the roofing stage. I
    have chosen to use Aluminium (step tiles pattern) but I have seen many roofing
    sheets that have there roof colour turning brown less thatn two years after
    installation. So what types/products of Aluminium do you profer for me. Also i
    want to use POP ceiling in my lounge/Pallow but I am confused the pattern of
    medallion/medallions to use in it.Please send me some patterns/designs to
    choose from.
    Thanks and regards, Wale

  18. how can I get plastic cornice in Ondo state. or phone number of dealer because mr Joshua is no longer into d biz. thanks.

  19. Interesting read, thanks. Please I want to ask for advice. When is it best to install POP ceilings, after wall plastering or after tiling (bathrooms, kitchens). Also where can I get POP boards (a.k.a dry walling in some places). Thank you

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