Pictures and veracity of Lekki Gardens

Today I want to introduce you to Lekki Gardens estate. There are three enquiries from my subscribers on this estate and one of them even paid me to visit the site. So you have the pictures of the place here. I can confirm the project is genuine and the developer is also a reputable company GTrich.

There is phase 1 and 2 what you have here is phase 1. The 3 bedroom terrace duplex goes for 12million which is my interest .

 the interior showned is that of a completed one to show prospective customers, yours will not come with the finishes you have to buy the tiles,paint wardrobe and other finishes except for the two external doors,stainless steel raillings and the ceilling POP which comes along with it. Payments are spread up to 36 months depending on the plan you want to follow.

The road networks are been done and activities are in full gear on site.
Good proximity to the express and not too far from Abraham Adesanya just beside the Business school.
I see this estate price going up in one year once the place is occupied.
I have a strong feeling you’ll like it I do as well.
There are different payment plans

1 time payment-12million
3month plan-8million down 1.5m for 3months
6months plan-7million down 1million for 6 months
12 month plan -5million down 750k per month for 12 months
24 months-5 million down 438k per month for 24 months
36 month plan-5million down 333k per month for 36months
36 months plan-3.5million down 438k per month for 36months.
Power and water are available, is in a built up environment apart from
the  private provisions by the developers.buyers have to buy the internal

doors,internal painting,tiles,bathroom and toilet fittings.

These pictures shows the road from the expressway to adjoining buildings and streets.
An architect with decades of experience


  1. Iam a degree holder in building contruction BSc,MSc in building Management,PhD in Structural Engineering & PhD in Econ.

    Iam only interested to buy straight from the government,a country where they can sell a Plot or a House for two or three people at a time,most of them are crooks,jobless monkeys.

    Iam only inerested to buy straight from the state government,If you can introduse me to the government POC for a Plot or already built Houses iwill appreciate that and you get award from me iam a cash payer i can draw my plan detail,possibly bring Germans workers to execute the job, if not stop cantacting me


    Dr Isac.Ogunjobi

  2. Please can you send pictures and updates on Lekki gardens phase 2. What can we do about the pace of delivery and what do you think?

  3. Thanks for the information. Pls in your estimation, how much will it cost to put the remaining finishing touches?

  4. ach emmanuel,u are doing a great job infact,1million gbosa for u for this wonderful job u are a pop contractor,i have about 7years experience now on this professon,for u to know dat i know what am saying.anyway if there is any opportunity on pop project pls u can as well invite PAT’S DECOR and allied services(08059560974)

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