Advantages of Engine Moulded blocks to Hand moulded Blocks

Many do mould blocks onsite using masons and labour to do the job and claims is cheaper but I don’t think so when you consider the advantages the engine moulded has over hand-moulded.


(1)Engine moulded blocks compacts better because greater pressure is applied through the engine , the sand are better compacted and gives better products to the hand-moulded.

(2)The engine- moulded blocks are faster to produce, therefore a deal of time is saved which helps in reducing the general project construction time.

(3)The engine- moulded is also finished with a smoother surface which helps the bricklayer during laying and gives the building a nice look.

(4)The engine moulded blocks process helps to reduce theft, imagine you having a limited time to monitor the forming of the blocks with engine, what would have taken one month to do will be done in three days or less depending on the capacity of the engine. You can take less time to monitor the materials used like cement, quantities of sand bought, and you can monitor the mix ratio/quality unlike the hand- moulded that will delay and create room for the labourers to steal the materials.

(5)Is easier to monitor the forming process as well

(6)The engine- moulded types with same mixture ratio will be stronger due to better compacting and the difference in material used will still be negligible.

(7)The engine moulded blocks has better look which is attractive and will enhance the aesthetic of the building even during construction.

(8)The engine moulded blocks due to its smooth and straight surface errors are reduced to a minimum which also helps the bricklayer to get a better job done.

An architect with decades of experience


  1. Hi Omnion,

    You are really doing a great job here.

    Please i want to join a telecomms company into the installation of telecomm masts/cell sites wherein a telecomm tower is fitted.

    do you have any idea of the construction procedures and standards to be met when putting up such sites as regards the base, the fence, the earthing, and so on.

    look to hearing from u.


  2. I am an engineer and has supervised lots of projects and still doing.Great work, for a 4BR flat- with granite not gravel, we finish to level (above lintel) with 1.5m and with 2.5m all carcass will be completed to roofing. You can build good quality house at reduced/low cost now which is what we do for our clients now. 08095679792

  3. Thanks Omnion for this increadible insight, it took me time to realize this. I would believe that those who are willing to set out in building their own houses would consider this and not be lead astray by shylocks

  4. @David, I have not been involved in such before, though I have a friend who does that if you wish I can arrange for you to meet him or at a convinient I may actually askthe same question from him.

  5. oga, that is true on paper, not for reality. the main determinant of the strength of blocks is the mix ratio and not whether, machine mould or hand mould. I have seen too many blocks moulded by hand that are far stronger than machine mould. you can contact me for details.

    1. Yes sir, but I am looking at where you have same mixture ratio. You’ll agree with me the engine will compact better.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  6. How sure are you of the strength of machine moulded Blocks, especially if they cut corners; e.g: not adding enough cement! I believe it depends; while not discarding machine moulded, which is good, but the honesty of the seller.

  7. Nice work, Pls keep it up. Can you Pls help to provide answer to the below question:
    What is the standard number of 9 inches engine moulded block that a bag of cement can produce?

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