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You can read this to have an idea why you need a bill of quantities http://buildingcontractorsecrets.com/2011/09/the-differences-between-the-qs-estimate-and-others/

-QSPlus, a division of New Dimension Technology in South Africa, has been developing software for quantity surveyors for 17 years.

QSPlus is a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective international QS software solution for quantity surveyors, builders, contractors, real estate developers, civil and cost engineers, for the take-off and production of Bills of Quantities. The main advantage over others is the affordability and efficiency of the software.

Qsplus is the only software you can use to prepare bill of quantities without any mistake within 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the project. Most software’s are prone to errors and they take time in preparing bills. Preparing bill of quantities with Qsplus is as easy and fast as having a multiple clicks on your system.
The procedures involved are just too simple to understand, they are thus listed below:
1.     (1) Setting up of projects particulars e.g. professional involved in the projects such as architects, quantity surveyors, contractors. etc.
2.     (2) Developing the item you will need for the project e.g. ground work which has to do with foundation element like excavation, sand filling, hardcore, reinforcement etc.
3.     (3) Measurement of this item, this is a straight forward method which is the simplest way of measuring building works.
4.     (4) Pricing your item, this is all about putting the rate of each item in the bill.
These are what Qsplus is capable of doing.
Who can use this wonderful software?
1.     Quantity surveyors
2.     Builders
3.     Civil engineers
4.     Contractors with vast knowledge in costing
5.     Students
6.     All professional involved in construction works.
The most interesting aspect of Qsplus is the perfect way of presenting your bill of quantities after measurement. It is high time builders and contractors learn the perfect way of presenting their bills to client rather than the traditional quotation manner. Qsplus does your quotation in a more unique and most presentable way which looks very standard.
As part of our obligation, we offer Qsplus training and also give you all necessary support on how to use the software to obtain maximum efficacy.
CALL FOR FREE TRIAL VERSION AND DEMONSTRATION ,For more information on this software please contact:
Shola on 08080586393 or qsplusnigeria@yahoo.com
Note-Shola  is a QS so he knows how important this software is.
An architect with decades of experience


    1. The cost is 610 dollars as it is but call sola on 08080586393 you’ll get an interesting deal and a free trial version/demonstration.

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