Advantages of Steel in Building Construction

As industrialization and search for better ways of construction, the need to also look at the possibilities in using steel more can’t be overemphasized.

(1)Speed of Construction- Construction with steel is fastest among the different materials of construction , most time you fabricates from your factory or shops and only installs on site.

(2)Low cost- In comparative high volume buildings constructing with steel becomes cheaper because you cover greater spans with steel.

(3) Longer spans- This is good especially when you are thinking of avoiding too many columns especially in auditorium that requires good view from the audience.

(4)Malleability- Under certain condition steel becomes malleable and can be shapen to any form which helps to achieve the designer’s vision.

(5)High Strength-Steel has good strength, thats one of the reasons is used for lots of multistorey structures. it can withstand pressure and can be very stable compare to others.

(6)Slenderness-Steel doesn’t take so much space compare to others. The design networks of steel structure can also be aesthetically pleasing.

(7)Good design flexibility and versatility.

(8)Lower weight- You obviously can’t compare the weight of a building built with concrete to that of steel.

(9)Recyclability and sustainability-Street is reusable as you can dismantle and reassemble elsewhere with little or no defects, very sustainable as it can’t be damaged by pests nor does it requires preservatives or glues. Is inorganic so it can’t rot.

(10)Modifiable-You can also adjust steel construction with a degree of ease.

(11)Reliability and Predictability- Due to high strength steel is quite useful in construction and very reliable, its stable and predictable.

(12)Mass production and availability-The steel can be mass produced during fabrication which gives room for efficiency and speed.

(13)Durability-Because is not organic, better resistance to fire etc it lasts longer than most construction materials substitutes.

(14)Minimal waste-Steel has minimal raw material wastes.

(15)Maintenance-You do less maintenance with steel as it doesn’t really degenerate in any form for a very long time.

(16)Fire Protection-Better resistance against fire outbreaks.

(17)Less weight-The weight is far less to most structural materials hence requires simpler foundation construction.

(18)Lower floor construction depths- Concrete floor averagely is 6″ or 150mm but steel won’t require such thickness to be used as a floor.

(19)Because of its slender nature, more space are available for other integrated services like electrical, CCTV etc.

(20)It is safe to handle with hands by workers using it on site.

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