Paint Colour considerations for Hospitals

An hospital being an institutional environment also requires it to be a home for the patients. Is important psychologically for these patients to be at home during their treatments period hence a warmer and cool colour is advisable.

Colours ca be used to evoke emotions or moods.

-For patient rooms, Use soft natural tones and calm colours. Wood laminate, blue and generally any colour that reduces the stress of being away from home and remove the feeling of not being in the  bedroom.

-For the office spaces for doctors, nurses and other employees, ambience of an office setting must be created, colour such as off-white that reflects a serious and institutional environment is not out of place.

Strong colour with brightly lit room is recommended except for the resting rooms if available due to long hours of shift.

-For the operating rooms, the patient and the doctors will have to be considered. The patient needs to feel relaxed, so red and and bright white is avoided while the doctors concentrate on red blood during operation. So any other red in the theater is a distraction, hence blue and green colour is mostly used.

-For children’s rooms, Children are always at home with bright colours, they elicit excitements for children , this can raise the mood and also helps in healing process. Juxtaposing of different hues can  make such place very interesting for children except for a jaundice patient where yellow should be avoided.

In a nutshell the use of colour psychology can help enhance the function of a space or room.

So natural colours like blue, green, or brown are seen as calming and will signal the designation of a room. While loud and flashy colours with lots of lights goes more for institutional buildings which can affect patients with mental conditions.

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