Advantages of using wood in building construction

There are many materials that are used for building construction but wood is one of the oldest materials used and still very much useful in modern days buildings, most likely the trend will continue in the future. Hereunder are some advantages

(1)Lightweight and supports itself-wood is structurally strong, it has great ability to support its own weight. The weight and resistance ratio is high.

(2)Electrical resistance- Dry wood has good resistance to electric transmission. hence is used as one of safety materials for electrical projects because of its non conductivity. however, as the wood becomes wet, it looses its resistance and conducts.

(3)Sound Insulation- Wood has holes/pores inside and helps to absorb sound and reduces echo in building. It does not transmit sound easily as well.

(4)Aesthetic-There are variations of wood and they can be made to an assembly of aesthetically pleasing products.

(5)Ease of use-In comparison to other structural materials, it is easy to manipulate and use for construction.

(6)Reusable-Wood can be dismantled and used severally on other sites and tasks

(7)Renewable- Wood is gotten cheaply from the forest, as long as trees are planted to replace the fell ones, the wood will always be available for generations.

(8)Environmental Impact-Wood has less devastating impact on the environment when discarded compare to steel plastic and other materials been used in building construction.

(9)Heat Insulation- though fire attack can be devastating, wood has the ability to retain room temperature in a room.

(10)Wood is cheap compared to other building materials

(11)It decomposes easily when discarded and fertilise the soil unlike steel and plastics

(12)Wood reacts less to chemical or oxidation attacks. It doesn’t get rust unlike metals.

(13)Wood can be easily installed on a building site and also easily dismantled.

(14)There are thousands of wood variations, they are organic products and abound in the forest. It gives interesting variations in use and aesthetics

(15)Durable- With good treatment and applications wood can stay for centuries. There are examples of buildings built with wood that have spanned centuries.

(16)Wood is not toxic

(17)Wood is readily available all over the forest

(18)Less risk of collapse- Due to very light selfweight and high strength collapse is uncommon with buildings built with wood.

(19)Design flexibility- It is easy to make interesting designs with wood

(20)It serves as a formwork for concrete

(21)Wood also removes carbon from atmosphere contributing to the environment

(22)Wood helps to save time . Constructing with wood saves time.

(23)Because of high stability, constructing with wood is good for seismic prone zones or movement of earth by tremors, earthquake etc.

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