Agreement With Petrol Pump

The user expressly authorizes MyPetrolpump to collect at regular intervals the fees and taxes applicable to this method of payment as well as the taxes and other taxes applicable to it, all of which depend on the affiliation and services used. If you are interested in renting, then you represent the best lawyer who will help you establish a binding agreement that will help you negotiate lease agreements with the company, including rent increases taking into account inflation and real estate valuation in the future. Even in my advice, if you are not merchants themselves to rent, you should not rent your country as these companies take land and then there are problems with traders (sometimes) then the owner must suffer because the agreements are always in favor of the company and there are long disputes to take back the land even at some point there are arbitrary arbitration clauses. The maintenance, maintenance or acquisition of a gas station is of commercial and financial importance. Towards the end of the lease term, there are opportunities and risks for the tenant, the landowner and competing fuel suppliers. It poses problems such as: PLEASE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES, as these terms of use govern access and/or use of the services provided by MyPetrolpump. Anyone who uses the site addresses this site as a user or simply as “you.” Access and use of the services provided by this site (the “services”) constitute the consent of users to these conditions and consider them to be related. Using this site, the user accepts these conditions and designates MyPetrolpump as his agent acting on his behalf to procure the HSD and Motor Spirit (the “product”) and transport it to a location chosen by the user, and then transfer the product to a container or other location, as indicated by the user. The user recognizes that a portion of the royalties can be deducted from benefits (including: but not limited to refunds/refunds/cashbacks/points/miles, whether or not they are received on behalf of the user when purchasing a product, or whether they are derived from the use of non-cash transactions and/or the use of fleet cards that will be the exclusive property of MyPetrol pump and the user consents and accepts that the user is not entitled to such benefits. In addition, even in the event of a residual claim, the user agrees to transfer all of these residual monetization claims to MyPetrol pompemp. The user waives all direct and indirect claims and rights and then forwards them to MyPetrolpump. These fees can be reflected by Bot in the user bill.

The services are provided on the current and available basis, MyPetrolpump declines all insurance and guarantees, explicit, implicit or legal, which are not expressly stipulated in these conditions, including unspoken guarantees of market continuity, adequacy to a particular purpose and non-counterfeiting. In addition, MyPetrolpump does not provide any assurance, guarantee or guarantee regarding the reliability, news, quality, suitability or availability of services or products (provided by MyPetrol Pumper as a user agent, check in advance the details requested by the use of the Services, or that the Services are without interruption or defects. MyPetrol pump pump does not guarantee the quality, ability, safety of the product (obtained by MyPetrol as the user agent, read the details that are provided to the user. The user agrees: that the entire risk resulting from the use of the services, and all services or products requested in connection remain exclusively to the user, as long as the current legislation allows it to the maximum, MyPetrolpump does not sell, puts on the market, sells, sells, trade, trade, trade, trade, promotion, promotion, advertising, publication of a product, act on an unauthorized sale or an unauthorized exchange or purchase, but provides the user with a technological platform,