Author Agreement Wear

Publishers reserve the right to refuse manuscripts that do not comply with the above guidelines. The author is responsible for misrepresentation or non-compliance with the above guidelines. The welfare of animals used for research must be respected. When notifying animal testing, the authors must indicate whether international, national and/or institutional guidelines for animal care and use have been followed and that the studies have been approved by a research ethics commission of the institution or the practice with which the studies have been conducted (where such a committee exists). In reporting on studies involving human participants, the authors should include a statement that the studies were approved by the relevant Institutional and/or National Research Ethics Commission and were conducted in accordance with the ethical standards established in the 1964 Helsinki Declaration and its subsequent amendments or comparable ethical standards. Other reflections – The manuscript has been “spelled” and “grammatically verified” – All references in the reference list are included in the text. and vice versa – Permission to use copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet) has been obtained. even if the authors do not have competing interests in explaining the journalism guidelines described in this manual, the referendum suggestions and contact information have been provided, on the basis of the newspaper requirements, the authors must disclose all relationships or interests that may have a direct or potential influence on the work or to exert bias on the work. Even if an author does not feel that there is a conflict, the disclosure of relationships and interests offers a broader and transparent process that leads to an accurate and objective assessment of the work.

Awareness of real or perceived conflicts of interest is a perspective to which readers are entitled. This is not to say that a financial relationship with an organization that sponsored research or compensation for consulting activities is inappropriate.