A Day In The Life of a Construction Entrepreneur (video)

This is a day in the life of Daniel Ashville Louisy, the Director of Companies for Ashville Aggregates, Ashville Inc and Ashville Concrete. A small glimpse inside running a business. This is just a cross section of 1 day with owner Daniel juggling some of his staff working at his 3 companies.


00:00 Intro

00:37 Daniel’s Flat/Morning routine

03:41 Arriving at Ashville yard

09:59 Site visit – house refurbishment in Streatham

13:18 Site visit in Queen’s Park

14:05 Daniel gets a puncture

15:34 Back at Ashville yard

17:07 who brings more sweets

17:26 Train arrives with Type 1 Limestone

18:27 Daniel tries to shoot a Car Review

20:29 Daniel heads home

An architect with decades of experience

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