Artesans in Building Construction Industry makes money than you

The building construction industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world may be after information Technology (I.T ) and oil and gas. It is very diverse and seems everybody that can play his card well can actually make money from this industry, with little wisdom.
Yes, I know you are thinking right now, that as a graduate working as an artesan or negatively put, a labourer in the construction industry can not be for you. Well, I have a news for you, in most building construction industries, artesans make enough money that can compete with the average white collared job consultants.
You don’t still agree with me? Not when you make money coordinating them with your level of education. You say is not possible? Then wait for this, the biggest architectural firm in a major city in Nigeria is owned by a philosophy graduate! Also one of the biggest electrical company in Lagos that now consults even for “Shell Nigeria Plc” and installs transformer all over the nation is owned by a graduate of Economics.
Just read on and I’ll show you what to do. There training can take you from just one month to two years depends on the one you choose:
Bricklayers are one of the most prominent and most sought after by anybody, before a house can be built you need to talk to one. Their jobs are relatively tedious no doubt but they are compensated with frequent jobs especially when the person is skillful and takes his time to get a perfect job.
With your level of education you can learn this perfectly well for just 3 months if you are dedicated. The bricklayers lay block; they are closer to the architect on site and they help in general work that involves concrete.
Next to bricklayers are carpenters in order of importance, they help to make the formwork for concrete pouring, roofing work and frames etc. You can learn this even under 6 months.
This people do not get anything less than what average people in other endeavour get for any work at all, they even make more money when they are contacted on contract basis.
They see to the wiring and lightening of the site their job and money depends on taste and money available to the client. Electrician may be given more jobs in a house than any other artesans based on clients disposition. Some even work with contractors that installs transformers. Under a year you’ll be good in this.
They see to it that your liquid wastes are properly channeled to soakaway pit, other accessories that requires water to function is also taken care of by them. They rely on hydraulic pressure, force of gravity and other physical elements to help in getting water, drains from pipes and other accessories in the house like Lavatory washhand basin, spa, bathtub, shower, watercloset etc.
Helps in the finishing stages of the house, this job, to the outsider is the easiest job to do, but this may not be totally true until you go through the work yourself. Another thinking is that you don’t need special training to do this job. This is not true, if not you might find yourself messing up when giving a bigger and more complex paintings to do. The choice of paint colour and what they represent is important for general success of a painter. You can train for this within 2 months and there money is also as high as the rest, but you are bound to get more customers in high brow area.
These people at times work with architects to sketch out plan and they also sketch and own offices of their own, there are known draftsmen that are even richer than some architects, it only depends on how you can market yourself.
(7)Welder/Iron benders:
They see to cutting, bending and fixing of iron rods or reinforcements in the building. Their work does not take much time as others except for big projects but they also earn as high as the rest.
These are tradesmen that do laying of tiles in building and they usually charge higher than the other artesans. Their work requires patience and better expertise to get a nice finished work.
A graduate can tap into this work and make money for himself, if tenacity of purpose is applied then you may make millions from this. Latest addition is the “Plaster of Paris or P.O.P” ceilling that is becoming more popular, they are also used in various ways in the building if you can learn what it all involves.
(9)Aluminium roofers/workers:
From aluminium roofing, to aluminium windows to doors, the opportunity opened to this group of people is endless.
(9)Tractor Drivers:
These are required in the big construction sites and you may do this rather than being jobless.
This does not involve any serious training, though little clerical knowledge is required. In big sites, there are storekeepers that have lived on tips from suppliers.
(11)Terrazzo Contractors:
Most of these work here is handled by contractors that knows little or nothing about the work .But none of them that does not make gains running into several thousands of naira. What if you understudy somebody and join one of these people. Some do better job of laying terrazzo floor finish than others, and other combines the work with tilling.
(12)Furniture Makers:
This is also lucrative,especially when you have a very creative skill. You can work with more established furniture company or interior decorations. Other jobs like rug laying etc. are also profitable.

An architect with decades of experience


  1. Lot of guys feels don’t want to suffer much especially under the sun and rain. Well there’s no way that’s easy to make money but with good reputation and dedication good recommendation follows and I bet you, you will become famous and somehow rich if you’re not careless and wastage. I’m an competent engineer but love doing most of this skillful work, like blocklaying, carpentry, reinforcement (iron-binding)etc. This practically work helps me to supervise my workers to do very neat and sound work. I’m not poor though, but I’ve been doing this since 32 years, and by GOD’S Grace still waxing strong. Fellow guys out there Practice make one perfect and stronger.

  2. Despite the fact that tradesmen earn considerable amount of money, it is not proportionate to the huge construction activities and rising demand of construction workers… pls in your opinion, how can we add value to bldg construction workers (tradesmen)?

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