How to build your House from a #10,000 salary

Anybody no matter the stipends he receives as the take home pay can actually build a home. It takes just determination, knowledge and persistence. A lot of people today have increasingly come to find out that you don’t need your entire life savings just to get a home. Rather what you need is adequate planning and ability to know the difference between wishful thinking, reality and actually taking action.
There are always a category of houses for every class in the society. To get a home from your salary you need two things.
Calculate the amount of your salary for 2 years. Find 30% of the sum, whatever you get, meet your building professional and ask him or her what kind of building the 30% can cover for its foundation only. You have a winner, if you get that, then know you can easily build your house with that terribly miserably low salary you take home every month.
Assuming your salary is N10,000 for 2 years your total salary will be N240,000, 30% of this will give N72,000. This can conveniently cover a 2 bedroom flat strip foundation.
But you think you can’t possibly save 30% of your income, because your salary is already too low, but let me tell you, from study carried out, no matter how extremely small you received or how poor you are, 30% of your money goes into what you can’t account for monthly. Just sit down and take stock for a month and you will see that you’ve been spending 30% and above for very unimportant things in your life.
Yes, I know cost of land is high, but that is because you don’t want to live the crowded and so called urban area for the outskirt.
You can also save for land if you put your mind on it, but if you already have one, then your dream of getting your own house will be faster than expected.
Within 10 years of determination you will complete your project.

An architect with decades of experience


  1. i sincerely agree with you but if and only if no serious responsibily to take care of, like schooling to get more degrees, helping siblings and some external affairs either in church or in the world. May the Lord give every one money to build his/her house.

  2. article very inspiring, motivating and captivating. It will be good if everyone can key into it and act now.

  3. i agree but just want to add that becos of inflation rate it might be better for the person keeping 30% of his money to put it in some form of investment or business that can produce good return so that instead of 240k as expected for 2yrs you will get 360k or more.

  4. I totally subscribe ti this idea. however, i wouldn’t mind part II which will show me the other steps to complete the homen in stages.

  5. Quite inspiring&chalenging but not impossible.You’ve rekindled my hope and like you rightly pointed out,those places u call outskirt of a town becomes habitable town in less than six yrs,i wish 2 note dt it all depends on individual’s determinations training siblings, church affairs,addtnal college degrees etc remain only traps. I wish ‘m in lagos or u a in Kano, where i intend 2 have my future home.I’m gratefull 2 u, kindly help us beyond foundation laying stages or does the 30% continually support the project 2 the end? Noble services to humanity!

    1. Yes the 30% will take the building all the way. Though you know you must cut your coat according to your size.

  6. Please tell them again o. The generation is so full of excuses that they blame somebody for something that happens to them in life. Where is the busy??? There is no bush anywhere but we only have people that are so comfortable being “glorified tenants” than being “dignified LANDLORDS”. Ikorodu of =N=150k of yesterday has become over =N=1M of today and it is still going up. A word is enough for the wise!

  7. Good analysis.I want to say am the living example of this.I think for all us, what we need is determination. with my experience if you dont have an abode of yourself before your kids gets to tertiary institution,it will take the grace of God before that can be possible.

  8. Good day everyone,

    I must add to the earlier comment that the future lies in our hands and homes remain one of the key tin everyone must strive to achieve.

    i am thinking of where we’ll lay our heads tomorrow, i’ll appreciate advice on land buying.

    Thank you

  9. so inspiring and motivating.thanks. I plan having my own house too. I’l work over it. Thanks alot. Pls I need a professional with low charges coz my take home pay is just 20k monthly

  10. how will my 72,000 be able to do an open strip foundation for my proposed two bedroom flats? pls I LOVE TO BUILD A HOUSE BUT WANT TO START SMALL

    1. First get land in a good place that is strong and not waterlogged, then start small as you just said.

  11. Your right,and i sincerely appriciate your advice and experience, please keep it on,May god bless you abundantly


  13. what a great piece of advice to earn a house according to your income am really inspired God Almighty bless you always

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