How to make money as a supplier in building industry

Making Money as a Supplier in the Building Industry.
The opportunity available to you in the building industry is limitless.
Suppliers are making a lot of money now than ever.
The steps you have to take to become one may actually be the easiest.
Depends on your target you may not necessarily have the money before you begin to market a product and end up supplying same.
Most of the building materials company will be glad to have you as an individual with no money in your pocket but zeal determination and agility to market their products. A lot of them gives fantastic commission for every successful purchase made by your client.
To do this you only need to walk into some of these companies and register as a marketer for them, they will gladly give you guidelines and steps to take to make sure you are successful.
A lot of people are already doing this, so it is not a new thing and if people can be there and still doing it, then that means they are getting paid for their efforts.
Quite a few people has met me on site to introduce one product or the other to me.
But what you need is consistency, loyalty to the company you are marketing, know their products and be ready to walk, make phone calls and some trekking.
In this information age most of the building construction firms you need are already on the internet, so you can email them, get their addresses and also call, you have to invest your time, money and also be consistent.
Other and the easiest method you can get a supply is through refferal, when somebody that knows somebody somewhere is reffering you, the person is putting trust and reputation online and people tends to give contracts to reffered persons by someone close to them.
The list is endless amongst suppliers in the building industry are
-Wood suppliers
-Iron rods
-Marble and Tiles
-Electrical fittings/cables
-Plumbing fittings
-Aluminium products
-Burglary proof/gates
-Ceilling materials- P.O.P, asbestors slate e.t.c
-Roofing materials- aluminium,
-Iron rods
-Interlocking stones laying and supplies
-Wire or Cables e.t.c

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  1. infact i appreciate this info,am a supplies of sand and granite in lagos and ogun but we supply to estate contractors,so i want to look forwder to get contract from road construction company and other big contractors but can can i get information on how to do the contact to them in contact that make sence.again is how their supplier are doing it.thanks and may good bless u.

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