The Architect and you

The cordial relationship existing between you the client and your architect is inevitable. The architect among the building profesionals occupies a vantage position, he sees to it that others carries out their jobs very well to be able to achieve your desire and see to it that what he planned is not wrongly executed.
Architect can be the proud professionals based on their wealth of experience and they can’t hesitate to let you know it took them a lot to pass through the school of architecture.
An architect is himself a creator, so he sees himself as a small god, because he is probably creating structures that are not existing anywhere in the world. You take your visions or problems you are encountering in your house design and he solves them by trying to accomodate all your wish, so he is indeed great.
Besides, he is the head of the building team, also by the vantage position he occupies.
But you can easily be his best friend when you task him on straightforward issues, let your brief be clear and understandable.
Don’t pay him less because he was able to finish your job in record time rather you should even reward him for this. This is where a lot of people get it wrong, because a job is done very fast , you tends to look at the job as being very easy so you want to pay less, or probably you are feeling he has not work enough to deserve the huge amount of money you are giving him so it is time for you to keep changing your design. This is not good. When a job is well done, realise it is well done and commend the designer to encourage him to do more. Most architects now resolve to delaying jobs because of this attitude of most nigerians, hence their is a lost of valuable time, energy and money especially when the building is meant for commercial purposes, ask the bankers, an extra day spent building a branch is a big loss to the establishment.
After you have negotiated with your architect, is important you give him an opportunity to supervise and see to the completion of your job. Many have said this cost much, but, I am telling you that at the long run you are going to save a lot of money doing it right the first time.
I hope to continue with you on the role of the architect some other time.

An architect with decades of experience

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