Why is the Building Construction Industry the best Industry.

Building construction industry side by side with others will still rank as the best overall. Its advantages over other big and prosperous industries are listed below,and why you should advice your siblings to choose this industry.

(1)It is a stable industry
It is not affected by sudden change in technology and science. Yes! improvement and advance in technology help us to do our work better,but people cannot do without shelter which is the bye product of the industry.
(2) The bye product is part of human basic neccesity along with food, clothing e.t.c

(3)It creates serious employment opportunities
The professional that work in b.c.i are so much ,therefore opportunity for job creation is unparalleled.
It accomodates both skilled and unskilled artisans thereby creating jobs in every strata of the economic class.

(4)Merit is given to a person that did a good job without prejudice ,the work is quantifiable and quality of job done is usually reflected by what the individual does.

(5)The industry is self advertising
When you build a house and it is well done people will see it and appreciates, the next thing is for them to ask who did the job?

(6)The industry is also highly profitable and you can’t underestimate how much you may make in this industry if you are lucky and God by your side. The number and class of your clientele will determine how far you can go.
(7)The bye product of this industry is also part of the infrastructural facilities requires in a place to open it up.
Where you have houses people are always ready to move in to such areas.

An architect with decades of experience

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