How to sell your house quickly

There are buildings that will run for several days and months without success, while the first look at a well presented building will produce results.
i)Give your house a facelift-The building must be attractive before you consider selling,if for nothing but for quick and profitable sale.
Paint the building,repair little services that are not in order like plumbing and electrical fittings. You will be surprised at how much this little efforts can help you in selling your building fast.
ii)Thoroughly clean the building and the environment .A dirty environment easily discourages people from your property.
iii)Discourage loittering around the building. You know an unkempt area can be a hideout for any area boy, same way for people that loitters around your building, this makes prospective buyers feels unsafe when on inspection and it may also give the impression of an unsafe environment.
iv)Price is one major factor you will have to consider. Check through property listing in specialised magazines like “castlesweekly” or the internet for buildings that are like yours and the location then determine the average price and fix yours.
Too cheap a building may create a fear of fraudsters at play in the mind of a prospective buyers and you will also discourage buyers if the price is unreasonable high.
v)Presentation- Rehearse before you go for inspection with your buyer, dress well ,and is good if you can as well come to the level of the buyer.
Let the buyer knows the numbers of bedroom the sizes and other facilities available. Like pipe borne water,electricity,access roads and other forms of services that can give you edge.
vi)Advertising your building in the major property listings newspapers can be of help.
Don’t clutter your advertisement with different kind of listings as you have others do. You have to make the advertisement bold and direct , you can also have pictures of the building to attract more attention. Include your number and email in the advertisement.
vii)Call your friends in and let them give you an honest advise on the property. In terms of tidiness and price they may be of help.
viii)Call estate agents also to help market the house. They are professionals and could be of great help.
A lot believe the agents commission will reduce their gain but to the contrary the agents can even help you to get the building sold at a very high price and increase your commission.

An architect with decades of experience

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