Re: Can a foreigner own land in Nigeria?

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The writer wrote about an exception from the governor of Lagos state before a land can be acquire by a foreigner or an allien , but discouraging anybody no matter the colour or the race shows only our weaknesses because we may still be battling with our myopic thinking of the land belongs to us in this jet age.On one hand we are begging for foreign investment but we feel uncomfortable at least as shown in our policies that we may not welcome total acquisition of a plot of land without the allien (corporate entity,individual e.t.c) not going through the bureaucracy of seeking the state government consent especially in Lagos.
Objectively in one aspect we want to protect our lands been taking over by people with stronger economies so that we won’t end up fighting to get same lands back unfairly like the Zimbabweans.
On the other hand we are shooting ourselves on the foot by discouraging allien from totally feeling at home in our country. Yes if I can’t get a house to build a house in a country then you shouldn’t expect me to invest all my life savings there.

An architect with decades of experience

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