Importance of a Garage in your Home

Garage untill recent was seen as a space in the house where you park your cars often one or or two at most.
But technology, jostling for available spaces and increase in enterpreneurship has given new roles to garages in your house.
1)Protection of cars -This is no doubt the number one reason for having a garage in your house.It protects against thieves, against weather and environmental nuisances .
2)You can use it as a substitute to store tools,sports equipments and boxes of junks especially when your store at home becomes inadequate or too small.
3)The large space of you garage can also serve as exercise room in the early hours of morning before going to work. Just remove your car from the garage and you have wide space for your routine exercise.
4)It serves perfectly as home office.A good numbers of internet biggest companies started from garages, read the stories of google founders,Dell, Microsoft Bill Gates,Amazon e.t.c they all have somehow been reffered to have started from garages.
5)It adds to the value of you house , though the money you will have to invest is really comparatively a small portion of your building project. The face value/monetary value it adds to your home can be quite staggering. People will pay more for houses with garages to the ones without.
Now building your garage,you should realise you need to get a town planning approval especially if you are doing it as an addition to your existing building. The location will probably be by the side of the building with less fenestrations or windows and better still if it is closer to the access road in your site.
Generally the size is always 3 meters by 6 meters (10ft x20ft).

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