Dangers of Ignoring Concrete cracks in your building

The ultimate effect is the collapse of your building, but cracking does not only happen in concrete alone ,they do also show in other building components.
A crack is a sign of weak structural design or when the necessary precautions are not taking in curing /making good the concrete before removing molds or support for them.
When the reinforcements or iron rods specifications are not adequate or when the contractor out of greed /incompetency decided to use substandard materials.
A cracked concrete allows rainwater which in turn gradually wears it off and may ultimately expose the iron rods that were used to sustain it.
Adequate iron rods are needed in any concrete ,because the concrete exerts a compressive force ,it tends to drag its weight down and concentrate on the center of distribution.
whereas the iron rods are what serves as tensile forces which helps to counter the compressive forces from the concrete.
When a crack occurs and exposed the iron rods to the environmental elements it leads to corrossion or rust this, can affect your entire building.
A cracked concrete will give room for insects and small animals to explore like wall gecko .These animals will make crevices formed as their shelter and create more gaps holes than what would be seen initially in building.
Crack raises cost of maintenance and weakens the building, it reduces the life span of the building.it may still collapse even after Certifying such buildings for several years.
The remedy if it were a small crack quickly patch the space to avoid exposing the iron rods, for a bigger problem you need to call a structural engineer especially if it is a multistorey building.

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