How to start selling Properties Online.

Many still have the notion that the internet is meant for 419 and 419ners make money more than anybody else.
Let me tell you they are making no money but rather living in fools paradise, and if you believe they are making money then you must be one of the fools around that will open their eyes and see serious opportunity steering right at them, but prefers wasting their time to look for poor fellows like themselves on the net to dupe for peanuts.
I have the strong conviction that the internet is what God himself invented to make the economies of the entire world to be equal and each operating at the optimum.
Look at this scenario, you are in Australia, you have a product you are selling, I am in Nigeria and I am interested in promoting your product, your next door neighbour needs your product but he doesn’t know where to get it, so he went online and discover my website where I promote the same product and directed him to his neighbour (you), the guy paid for his product so I get my commission for introducing the product to the seller. I was paid the same money somebody in Australia would also could have been paid despite high gulf between the two economies.
What will you call this? But an invention of God himself.
These are methods you will use to get your business online.

(1) Forum-Nigerians abroad are so much interested in building houses back home, but they are understandably always afraid of how to go about it without been swindled, so they need someone they can build a relationship with and trust who can be of reasonable integrity and can help them achieve their aim. So they go online most often online forums.
How to sell in Forums : To begin selling in forum try to build a relationship with the community, every business requires you investing your time and money, Even if you don’t know what to write about, search online for articles on properties , Use the topics you find interesting to form a topic on the forum and then write, paste or link to it.
You can also ask questions, answers or suggest an answer to a question, you can even commend a good contribution you stumbled on, do this for 3 months consistently before you start selling.
Get your digital camera, snap pictures of the interior and the exterior of the building you want to sell, you can also snap and give a detailed report of a land you may want to sell without you requiring the buyer to be there since you have practically given him all information he may need.
Look for a good forum to use, if you are a newbie then stick with one that has very high traffic first before moving to other ones if you need to. but to me don’t bother for now until when you have successfully made money off the site, then you are confident that the system works, so you can then decides to look for more customers elsewhere.
Multiple forum sites will overwhelm you especially if you don’t have a private connection.

(2) Property Listing sites- Another way is to use sites that accepts to list your properties, many are on the net just search for the top five in and make use of them.

(3) Online Shops- These are common especially in advance countries where internet is of a better usage. Some online shops are free like Please search for others and see the one you may which to use try :PROPERTIES ONLINE SHOPS

(4) Creating your own website- You can create your website, upload pictures of your properties , write a few lines on each and start driving traffic to it by using paid advertisement- google adwords, banner ads, link exchange with related websites, advertising in related website ezines, (some sites have very high email list, if you can make friend with the owner just bargain with him to advertise your site when next he is sending mails to his subscribers. Imagine if you have a related website where the owner has over 300,000 genuine email list you can arrange with him for a token to advertise your site when next he is sending email to his subscribers that have same passion with you. You will receive so much hits that your server may go down if it is not a good one, many interested leads will call you on phone and even when they don’t end up buying anything you will still make money from them through two ways at least-you can introduce them to another product later on if you have an opt in form that helps to catch their emails, just like what I have under on this page, if you have not fill it before I recommend you do just that quickly. Another way is through adsense- you see advertisement by google on this site at the left and bottom when you click on anyone that interest you Google pays me.

(5) Using Social Networking sites-The use of this method is gaining momentum on the internet marketing world. Taking the lead right now is in terms of rate of growth, in terms of popularity, you can also use, fanbox,,, (where you can paste your pictures of these houses though you won’t write on the site directly that you are selling them, but if your online community discover that you have a special interest in properties, they start asking you questions.
Most of these communities-Message boards/forum, newsgroup, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites e.t.c you need to first introduce yourself make friends before introducing your products and services to them. That way it is easy for them to accept you very fast.

(6) Start a Blog on Properties- These should be one of the easiest jobs to do. Create a blog, very easy go to or in minutes you will have your blog before you, go out and snap some pictures of interesting buildings (If I want to do this I will just create a niche for myself on –pictures and discussions on Nigeria monumental buildings, or out of this world buildings in Nigeria, or trends in properties in Nigeria e.t.c) or get plenty from the net and just write few words on them then in between you will just introduce and advertise the ones you have available to sell.
Make no mistake everything or anything you can think of as a business idea can sell online but you need to add your ingenuity, the love of the people that are willing to buy from you, and your persistence to make it, just make sure you keep discovering how to make it better. ( someone is selling head of motor antennae-a range of a small toys you can fix on top of your car antennae and is noted to be making money from this.) just anything has the potential of making you money if you stay long enough on it, a little twist here, a little twist there and you’ll get there.

(7) Online Chartrooms- is one good way of making money too. The person you are introducing your property to has a first hand direct communication with you so you can easily convince him of your genuineness and swiftly answers his questions and doubts.

(8) Leveraging on Established Offline realtors-This is a surefire way to get a property sold very fast. The well established property agents don’t understand or realize the power of online marketing, most of them are comfortable with the old traditional style of sitting down in their offices to make telephone calls and relying on their sub-agents and contacts to use word of mouth to advertise for them. But they need money and they need it very fast, so you just have to cash on their strength and weaknesses. Their strengths—they are experienced and 95% of time they will do their paperwork very well and see to the genuiness of the property they are going to sell. Their weakness—they need money so they are ready to share the profit with you if you bring a buyer. So go, work into any of the popular and reputable ones, introduce yourself and talk to them about your proposal to start working for them as their subagent on any property they have, convince them about your power to generate leads for them through offline and online tactics, make them to realize that Nigerians

abroad are always asking for genuine properties to buy you can even print out some requests on Nairaland forum and show them.
I have done this myself before so I know it works, for every ten realtors I met five welcomed me with open hands and they also followed up with telephone calls to me. So it is Very! Very! Possible though you may meet some obstacles.

-Start just start, wait no longer, 30 of the articles I have on this website I had already written them one year before I finally made up my mind to launch fully online, I had every modalities in place then but I couldn’t move just because of the fear of being rejected by you that is now enjoy reading my articles so much that you look forward to the next edition. Also was the fear of failure.(My personal quote : HE WHO IS AFRAID OF FAILLING REMAINS A FAILURE SO AIM HIGH AND SHOOT HIGH.

-Make one system works before jumping to the next one. I laugh when online forums are now springing up daily just because somebody worked hard to make a forum work. But I tell you I can make far more money doing just what I am doing now and simply look for ways to optimize revenue from this site. And I can also make big money stealing traffics off big sites if I can continually contribute to discussions. I have gotten clients through this way before .
So I don’t need to create a forum site before I can make money online (If you are a newbie the stress of creating one, promoting it, maintaining and driving traffic to it will just wear you out. You need to look for a profitable and easy niche where you will distinguish yourself and make money fast before you lose interest in internet marketing/services.
Hundreds of people are networking on these forums and some may actually be making more money off these sites than the owners, so JUST DO THAT WHICH YOU CAN DO AND WORK HARD ON IT, BE PATIENT MONEY WILL COME.

An architect with decades of experience

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  1. i am happy 4 this innovation.i have a house on a half plot of land with 2 mini flats 1room and parlour and 5 rooms.situated at 8.ogundeji street opposite old otta road oke-odo.lagos. u can contact me for more

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