Plumb and Range: The use and differences

In continuation of uses of instrument common to bricklayers and builders, the use of plumb and range cannot be overemphasized .
Plumb is a small instrument usually made of steel or iron that has a transparent piece at the center which shows a portion of liquid in it. The liquid is usually half of the space left at the center of the transparent plastic for it to be able to move freely.
The liquid determines if the surface of a wall or an object is in a straight plane by balancing itself in the container, if the liquid line is not distorted and is exactly at the center line then the plane in which is being used is straight.
Range is simply a long wood or iron in a rectangular form with four sides used to extend or trace the smoothness of a wall. This instrument is often used with plumb to achieve a better result.
The combination of the two will give a better plastered wall surface.
So to check if your blockwalls are okay, just place the plumb anywhere on the wall, if the liquid line does not passes through the center then know that your wall is not straight, quickly call the attention of your builder. Note that if you leave this not corrected , the plastering of the wall will cost you more to do, because you will need to fill one side more with mortar( plastering element) for it to form a straight plane and look good.

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