Lagos architects back two regulatory agencies for building process

ARCHITECTS in Lagos last week called on the state government to adopt the recommendations of a committee proposing the establishment of a new agency to oversee building processes in the state.

This idea, to them, will be in line with internationally recognised practices around the developed world. The architects are of the view that for Lagos to meet the demands of its mega-city status, the on-going practice of having only one agency manning both building approval and building control should be done away with.

Over the years, one state agency – Lagos State Physical and Planning Development Authority – performs the duties of both planning regulations and building control. The agency had in the past been under pressure to deliver on its performance, apparently due to shortage of professionals in its fold.

The endorsement of the proposal followed the presentation of an 81-page report by a committee raised by Lagos State to review its planning regulation and building control process in the state. The 15-man committee, led by erstwhile Chairman of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Brigadier General Tunde Reis, presented its report to the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Architects last week.

Among the terms of reference for the committee were, to; modernise extinct regulations toward the transformation of Lagos into Africa’s model mega city; halt the increasing frequency of building collapse; establish a building control system to minimize the incidence of various building defects arising from bad design, inferior materials and construction leading to fire and health hazards.

Others were to create processes and institutions for effective enforcement of the regulations; eradicate uncontrolled development due to fast-paced growth in the state; reduction of slums towards attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and saving the unnecessary cost of relocating slum dwellers; mitigate security threats posed by several abandoned buildings in the state; address the prevalent loss of skills amongst building professionals due to lack of statutory certification and continuous education and formulate a sustainable physical planning and urban development policy for Lagos State.

Two weeks ago, the committee submitted its report after two weeks of brainstorming session to the state executive.

The Brig. Gen Tunde Reis led technical committee over the past two weeks embarked on an awareness campaign to sell the proposals to stakeholders in the construction sector, particularly members of professional bodies Read more

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