Palms Garden Estate offers new options at Mowe

A Lagos-based real estate development company, Messrs Propertymart Limited, has initiated a campaign for a residential scheme at Mowe-Ibafo axis in Ogun State.

The new estate, which it calls Palms Garden Estate, will be developed in terms of infrastructure to offer subscribers the Gold and Silver class options.

A statement by the firm on Friday said already site clearance had commenced on the estate, which would feature the sale of serviced plots along with dwelling units.

The project is coming about four months after unveiling the multi-facet Crystal Park Estate in the same area.

The firm explained that a beneficiary would fall into either the Gold or Silver option, depending on the intentions.

The Business Development Manager, Mr. Muyiwa Oshinowo, said the aim was to enhance speedy development of the estate “by creating an avenue for separating intending residents from investors/land speculators.”

He added that the developers would in future build homes such as bungalows and duplexes in the estate.

He said that a breakdown of the cost of construction at every stage was being prepared, and that the company would build for land buyers in line with the stage of affordability.

According to the Head of Marketing, Mr. Adesope Adeyinka, Palms Garden Estate would uniquely feature a lot of greenery areas with abundant palm trees.

He said, “Our estates are unique in terms of generated concepts; while Crystal Park entails a three-in-one estate concept, Palms Garden is anchored on a lot of soft landscaping via trees, shrubs and grasses.

“Streets will be adorned with palm trees and each and every beneficiary to the estate is obliged to plant at least a tree in the front of his plot.”

Besides bulk payment by people who could afford to do so, there would also be a mortgage financing option for aspiring beneficiaries, Adeyinka said.

He said, “We are currently discussing with GT Bank over the possibility of providing mortgage facilities to our land and home buyers. This function may eventually be passed into GT Homes Limited, the primary mortgage subsidiary firm of GT Bank.READ MORE

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