I am obliged to write on oversite concrete based on comments and numbers of questions on it. For the question above the subscriber should be able to connect to the importance of oversite/german concrete after going through this article.

(1)It helps in preventing water from the soil from percolating to the surface thereby avoiding grow of algae around the building walls and on the floor. These buildings that suffers this most are in the waterlogged area however it doesn’t exempt buildings also in more stable areas.

(2)Oversite concrete helps to sustain the weight of live and dead loads (human,materials and the weight of the building itself) in the building in otherwords it contributes immensely to the structural elements of the building.

(3)It also helps in case of vibration. When there are engines in the house or outside that causes a lot of vibration it helps to spread the effects equally around the building to the bearest minimum.

(4)Oversite concrete also helps the foundation in sustaining the weight of the house, prevents cracks on blockwalls because of transmission of forces applied on it spreading round the entire span of building eqaually.

(5)It also gives good base for floor finishes like tiles,terrazzo,wood etc

(6)It prevents growth of plants inside the house from the soil.

(7)Also prevents termites,worm and other insects from the ground from gaining easy access from the earth.

An architect with decades of experience


  1. I commend you for your contribution in enlightening a whole lot of us who are not in the core of the construction practise.
    The German floor as we know isn’t a common practise where building construction is not regulated by enforcing standards.
    However in the urban areas where there’s some level of enforcement there needs to be a deliberate adherence to the required standard so as to enjoy the advantage that the German floor gurantees. With a poor execution in terms of proportion and materials used the entire essence of this structural component can be defeated.
    Professionals in the construction industry need to be more accountable to their profession to ensure compliance is achieve within the minimum possible standards.

  2. thanks for the good info, would a bungalow of 3 bedroom with 4 coaches of 6″ solid block foundation, built on a very stable soil, say about 150kpa soil bearing capacity, need an oversite concrete? The area is in Benin and is not and cannot be prone to water, if we are to consider cost of the concrete

    1. Well you can start with a construction company or with a builder that can take you round from there you’ll develop confident and network to go your own.

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