Steptiles/longspan aluminium roofing sheets versus stonechips roofing.

I would like to know which of the roofing sheets is better – steptile aluminium roofing sheet or G. (Stonechip) roofing tiles. 
I will be grateful if you can perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis on the two so that I will be in a better position to select the most appropriate for my buildings.


From experience few knows what they are about to get into when types of roof, there are basic questions you should ask  to determine the choice of roof. Is it durable/longlasting? is it easy to install? How well can it resist rainfall and other weather conditions? Is the finished product pleasing? Etc

From a personal opinion and from experience  steptiles/longspan aluminum has more advantages over stone chipsfor the following reasons-

(1)Steptiles/longspan aluminium are cheaper to stone chips

(2)Obviously stone chps looks more pleasing aesthetically but steptiles/longspan also comes in varying shades which adds to its beauty

(3)The weight of steptiles/longspan is lighter  to stone chips

(4)Steptiles/longspan as the name suggests comes in longspan and is easily cover large area of roof , therefore it reduces  numbers of wooden /carpentary materials needed to support the roof unlike the stone chips.

(5) They are easier to maintain , repairing stone chips can be complicating

(6)Leakages are rare and easily curtailed with steptiles longspan aluminium , you may run into problems  with stone chips if not well handled

(7)Steptiles longspan aluminium can be done by most roofers in town , stone chips requires special care, most often the company you bought the stone chips from will always advise they install

(8)For steptiles longspan aluminium time of assembling and dismantling is very short compares to stone chips

(9)They are both durable, but probability of leakages is higher with stone chips.

An architect with decades of experience


  1. Thank you my brother for your good works. May God bless you, one day i will come to your office to visit and discuss with you,

  2. Can you introduce the advantages of using fibre reinforced concrete. It economical compared to the conventional way of using Brc mesh on slabs

  3. I am neither a builder nor an Architect but I enjoy reading your news letters. Please keep up this good work. And may God continue to enrich you greatly.

  4. Grts.
    Hello sir.
    How is your works in general, May God increase your knowledge,your advise is alway useful to me as a Quantity Surveyor.Keep it on.


  5. Nice write up. But can U????? please post pictures of both roofs so that the lay person can understand better? Thanks

  6. Thanks for the above.
    can you do some teachings/explanations on the following please:
    1. difference between step tiles and long-span – is it true wood frame for step tiles would be more than that for long-span
    2. how do you differentiate the fake/inferior aluminum from the authentic. i learned there are fakes out there
    3. in roofing; what types of wood are the best; what are the current price ranges as at June 2012 and is it not better to roof in the dry season when woods should be cheaper and readily available
    4. what are the precautions – e.g treatment of wood; etc to take to ensure the roof lasts long
    5. what are the common ways carpenters/work men could trick the owner at roofing stage
    6. in doing the german floor for a bungalow; which is preferably – gravels or quarry stones (the type used in major constructions and roads)and why
    7. in plastering; why cant one fix the burglary proof at the same time as plastering?. why do people plaster first; then break the walls to fix burglary proof later. which is best?
    I’m sorry for asking so much question; your site had been very useful in guiding my decisions up to this stage and i need to get it right further.
    alternatively if you can guide me to useful materials i would appreciate
    thank you

  7. May God almighty giude u the wisdom of Solomon IJN.I appreciate. I have gain alot from ur vast experient, when i shall start my next project i will notifyl u for more advise. Now i can talk as a civil engr, despite i study Production engr from uniben


  9. thank you very for d gud job,pls help me with how to detail a building reinforcement e.g 4 bedroom flat 2 story building n d stir case detailing

  10. my boss introduce me to this site, since i started use this site i have know and understand things i don’t know in buildings. i have a chanllenge in area of metal roofing members how to prepare it Bill of Quanitity. I will be glad if you aid me on that. thanks.

  11. This gentleman is one of the best people i hv ever met. Intelligent, simple, trusted, transparent and honest.

    I met him in person and he was more than expectedly helpful.

    Keep up the gud works and advice cos you are just too gud.

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