Marketing your property as a beginner -Guerilla marketing

There are people investing in properties in their own little ways, developers are in degrees and for the big boys they know how to get their customers with large portfolio of clientele, but for you that wants to try small in your little way,  some of these could be beneficial to get a buyer.

1. Put address on fence wall with phone numbers atleast

2. Do some landscaping and make the environment clean

3. Plant colorful flowers, flowers adds beauty to a building too

4. Paint the building and do some  repairs in the building

5. Replace front light fixtures as needed and the major part of interior

6.Place house numbers as needed

7. Make the interior clean and neat for a positive impression

8. Air fragrance as unimportant as it seems will make prospective customers stays around the building during inspection

9. Make sure house is very clean (especially kitchen and bathrooms)

10. Run “For Sale” ads in newspaper: Like Castles magazine especially in Lagos, Vanguard or any other property section in newspaper

11. You can also play soft music during inspection

12. Keep the inside of the house looking bright

13. If local laws permit–place directional signs from main streets

14. You can also advertise through the internet

15. As calls come in keep good notes (for this and future sales)

16. Network with  other  home sellers

17. Also get as many agents as possible informed about it, they have a way of networking around to source for buyers

18. Post ads on free real estate listing sites

19. Visit neighbors and advertise through words of mouth

20. Paint the neighborhood with flyers you can include the fee and also the agent percentage if need be

22.Invite your friends and family occasionally 
23. Send e-mails to realtors & brokers

24. Also gather agents e-mail addresses from flyers, cards, ads, and booklets

25. Follow up e-mails to agents with a call 

26. Web address & contact info

27. Set up your own web site

28. You can also have flyers with Web address & contact info

29. Also advertise in, take a recording of interesting parts of building then upload to youtube then direct people

30. Place pictures also in facebook,twitter and other social networking sites

An architect with decades of experience


  1. May God bless u abundantly for showing the poor and ambitous Nigerians what to do and how to go about succeeding in doing it.May God bless u abundantly for showing the poor and ambitous Nigerians what to do and how to go about succeeding in doing it.

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