Advantages of a one floor bungallow to storey buildings

Apart from the space required, a one floor bungallow has lots of advantages over a storey building some of them are (1) Lighter foundation: The weight of a floor bungallow is far less to a storey building hence you’ll require far less materials to that of a storey building.

(2) Few or no columns/pillars in the house: Depends on design and nature of soil you may not need concrete columns in a floor bungallow. For most storey building you will need it to help transmit load from upper floor to the soil.

(3) Lower fire risk: It is easier to escape fire incidence and the electrical works on a storey building is more complex which can also leads to fire incidence if there are defects.

(4)Easier Maintenance:Plumbing pipes, electrical installations and the building generally are easier to maintain when is only a floor bungallow. You can easily remove plumbing pipes and replace , unlike a multistorey building that may have pipes embedded in concrete.

(5)One floor bungallow can be easily expanded as long as there is adequate land for for the expansion. Storey building ca be quite complex, you need a lot of engineering input and cost for expansion.

(6)Easier evacuation: In emergency, you are already on the groundfloor, you can jump through the window and you also have closer access to the external door which will help you to move out of the building quickly.

(7)Cost of Construction: From the professional fee,labour costs which will be far higher in case of a storey building to the materials that will be used like scaffold, iron rods, wood ,cement etc in higher quantities to a floor bungallow.

(8)Climbing stairs: For the aged,climbing stairs could be a daunting task.

(9)Possibilities of falling and injuring yourself in a stairway

(10)Just like ‘6’ ease of moving in and out is harder for a storey building

(11)Banging/stamping/pounding on floor upstairs may cause discomfort to occupants downstairs but this can’t be possible for a floor bungallow.

(12)Carrying materials, furniture etc in and out a storey building is harder.

(13)Storey buildings also have psychological effects on lower surrounding buildings, it gives feeling of someone looking down on people at lower level.

(14)Higher building will also block a proportion of air and sun from getting into closer lower buildings.

(15)And for town planning authority , they will charge you more to get approval for a storey building

(16)Storey buildings can also block clear views of people enjoying the landscape of an area.

(17)Storey building can be a threat when they are close to the airport.

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