Benefits of Storey Buildings

Despite some disadvantages of storey buildings, the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages. Some are enumerated below.

(1) Extra height gives good view, distinct and clear view from surrounding structures unlike one floor bungalow that may have been covered with perimeter fence.

(2)The buildings are more visible from a distance to one floor bungalow

(3)Distinct separation of private area from public area. For a two storey duplex, the bedrooms are taken up while the living rooms that are accessible to visitors are left downstairs, this is good for privacy and less noise around the bedrooms.

(4)Security-You can isolate the upper floor from the ground floor with a security door by the staircase in case of any attack. Burglars can’t easily access the upper floor through the windows. It also gives you a clear view of in case of any intruder lurking around the fence.

(5)Interesting features-Storey buildings can be interesting, climbing through a well designed staircase looking at the structure in whole can be quite pleasing to the eyes.

(6)Better aeration- More space is created for effective air circulation as the upper floor create rooms for additional rooms and windows and are most unlikely to be blocked by adjacent walls/fence.

(7)Increase of space-Of course there is far effective use of land space per square meter.

(8)Storey buildings adapts well to sloped site, a creative architect can design a very aesthetically pleasing building with such soil.

(9)Social Issues- In some clime, it is taken that those on storey buildings usually look down on those downstairs.

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