Benefits of buying an approved building plan land from a developer

1-Sign that most papers have been legalised for you to have an approved building plan, especially in Lagos where you must have your C of O or governor’s consent, your survey is also registered with the government. Hence you are sure that lots of legal works have been covered for you, of course you can spend a whole year processing these documents.

2-Time is also a big factor, you can move to site and start working the very day you buy the land. This will help to reduce and save time if you want to start immediately.

3-Authentication of plan- Approved plan is a pseudo authentication of your plan to meet up with basic standard. For a fresh design that needs to go through the process of approval, the plan may be rejected if you aren’t meeting up with their regulations, but in this case that has been taken care of, so you have more time to engage in other tasks.

4-You are likely to save money because for a plan to be approved the petitioner probably knows more about his ways around building approving process, unlike giving it to an inexperienced person to do it for you.

5-Inflation-There is also the risk of inflation catching up with the price of materials for the period you have to wait for the approval process

6-It also shows there is acceptable and standard drawing for your building project . That also verifies you are going to have a good house.

7-Of course there won’t be any form of harassment from the town planning authorities.
8-The best price – the first properties released usually go for the cheapest, because the developers need fast early sales. Once they meet their financial requirements, they often up the purchase price on the remaining properties to make up for lost profits.
9-The buyer has one point of contact allowing for more accurate completion estimates.
There’s no confusion about roles and responsibilities. Not only does the buyer know who to contact, a developer also knows they’re responsible for every step of the process.
10-There’s a single vision for the property. When a developer knows they are going to be building and selling the properties, it’s often easier to make decisions about planning, architecture and even landscaping.
11-There are fewer delays in building because some tasks can be done in tandem when the same company is doing the both the developing and construction.
12-A developer takes a long-term, holistic view of the investment allowing cost-savings passed on to the buyer.
Developers and builders have distinct goals that can sometimes be very different. When a single company is managing everything, the buyer benefits from a single focus. The property is managed and constructed from one viewpoint making it easier for the buyer and more cost effective.

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