Advantages of quality materials in construction of buildings.

Apart from good workmanship and top grade professionals handling your building project, the quality of materials you use will be next most important factor in determining the outcome of your building.

These are some of the advantages enumerated.

  1. Duration of construction-Quality materials are painstakingly manufactured, because of precision it helps construction to be done faster with little snags on site , thereby saving you money and time.
  2. Strength- Obviously quality materials are stronger than inferior ones. For instance iron rods are in grades, the imported ones from Ukraine and others from Nigeria that goes through test and passed are usually stronger with better tensile capacity to the local ones of low standard, hence government always recommend we go for the test to confirm that they are good for construction. Also other materials like blocks, tiles etc that are of good quality are always stronger.
  3. Safety- The good quality materials have already been tested for safety, even when they appear to cost more, they saves you from inherent danger.
  4. Durability- Better quality lasts longer.
  5. Sound insulation- Materials of good quality are solidly built/produced, so they have better sound insulation ability. e.g good solid doors, concrete well mixed and compacted, better roof/ceilling.
  6. Aesthetics- The chemical components in quality paints like Dulux bond better and gives you a nice look. Also other materials that are of high quality falls same.
  7. Cost- Better quality, higher cost at the point of sale, but long run, cheaper because of less waste and maintenance with greater longevity.
  8. Recycling/reusable- Quality materials on site can be used severally during construction. Marine plywood are always used and reused as form-work compare to planks made of soft wood which gets bad after one use. So also is fittings in the house.
  9. Health and safety -Quality materials do not quickly cause accidents on site and may not emit poisonous substances as most would have gone through proper laboratory testing.
  10. Ease of installation-Quality materials are well produced with less error which also makes their use easier for construction workers.
  11. Adaptability- Because of strength and durability, they can go for other non-conventional uses on site
  12. Structural Capability- A good reinforcement with right application will prevent your building from collapsing. Just as  a wall formed with a good block will have less cracks.
  13. Maintenance- Quality materials gives room for ease of maintenance and less cost of repairing and maintaining.
  14. Moisture/weather resistance- Because of quality components, good materials resist moisture and inclement weather conditions better, to poor quality materials.
  15. Material deterioration- Inferior materials will deteriorates faster to that of a better quality.
  16. Fire resistance-Quality materials will resist fire better during outbreak . Fire is also a consideration during manufacturing of most of these materials.
  17. Consistency in outlook- Materials are graded based on consistency. The best paints uses better chemicals to bind the pigments together, allowing for better coverage, resistance to UV rays and durability.
  18. Eco-friendliness-A high quality product for the home will be made using sustainable methods, which also minimize the amount of energy wasted in its use.
  19. Market- Quality material will give a building good lift which will attract higher price for an owner or an estate agent that wants to sell.
  20. Less waste- Quality material gives room for far less waste.
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