Keys To Finishing Your Building Project On Time

Getting your project done at the stipulated time can save you money and contributes to the success of the building team. However, there are steps you have to take from day one.

  • Purpose of Building- Right from the purpose of why the building should be in place can gear the contractors towards achieving the time frame set. Imagine a building that must be ready at a particular time for an event a building that loan has to be paid on and starting also within a time frame. So is important clear cut reason for the building and expectations on the part of the owners and contractors must be met.
  • Scheduling- You need to allocate tasks with their timeframe for starting and completion , the allocated time for some tasks can go on together . All these will be in place, on a scheduled document you will need to work on and make available on site. It also helps to monitor progress of work and when lagging behind, steps to take to recover the time lost.
  • Plan-The plan of the building must be ready on time and before the start of the project all necessary documents should be in place, this will save you from unnecessary ammendments due to unclear plan that is yet to be concluded.
  • Bill of Quantity- You should atleast have an idea of the cost of the project to know if you can embark on it or not, this will help in budgeting controls and will make disbursements of funds faster and trackable.
  • Design type- A complex design may affect project timing, hence it may be advisable to go for highly functional but simple designs with good aesthetics.
  • Management-The management of funds, workers contractors and professionals will also help to fastrack your project as as everybody is aware of his or her task, no duplication or conflicts of works and there is perfect communication with everyone involved in the construction.
  • Availability of funds- Money for tasks should be ready two days before the time for any task on site. This will increase speed/rate at which works are done since there are funds available for assigned tasks.
  • Good access to site- When there is good road to site. Materials gets in quickly which in turn results to getting the job done faster.
  • Security- The project site should be fenced and security guard should be on site. If possible for larger projects security apparatus like CCTV should be installed.Lighting should also be in place at night to discourage thieves from sabotaging the work on site.
  • Storage- Adequate storage must be in place for the materials that will be used on site and properly secured with lock and keys with inventories on what goes out and comes in from the store.
  • weather- Choosing the right season can also help your project to deliver fast . you are likely to get less disturbances from climatic elements during dry season. Rain sometimes disturbs workers from performing at optimal level. Rain can cause damages on site.
  • Punctuality/manhour- The earlier workers gets to work and maintain daily working hours, the better for the speed of the project.
  • Prompt payments of workers / contractors- prompt payments builds confidence towards you from workers, contractors and suppliers. Owning workers their daily stipend will make them to abscond from work or you will experience lack of commitments towards work which will affect the delivery time.
  • Use of reliable and trusted suppliers- Suppliers with ability for prompt delivery and financial base will also help to speed the rate of completion of a building project.
  • Ordering for materials before time- This is good to avoid delays on site.
  • Bulk purchase- When you buy in bulk, you save time of going back and forth to purchase materials when there is sudden shortage. No time will be lost.
  • Communication- When there is easy flow of information from the top to the least worker, everyone will be carried along on everyday task. And there won’t be conflict.
  • Professionals- Employ professionals for your project, this saves you embarrassment and extra cost or repairing and amending badly done job which will also takes time.
  • Prompt payments of government and other sundry charges- You have to make sure whatever is required from the authority is attended to promptly to avoid “stop order” of work from the authority.
  • Contact every workers early enough a week before they will be needed on site to avoid disappointments.
  • Safety measures- have a safety plan in place , buy and apply all protective gears to avoid accidents on site which can cause delay of works.
  • Quality materials- The use of quality materials will make your building durable and with good workmanship you will have less amendments.
  • Good workmanship
  • Technology- Use of modern technology available may be costlier but at the long run is cheaper and delivers faster.
  • Periodic meetings- This helps to monitor progress of works, reviews challenges and decides how to execute better.
  • Documentation –have a proper documentation of day to day activities on site. Get all necessary papers from government and others available.
  • Resources- With much resources available the faster you’ll get your project done.
  • Learning from Projects around- To avoid previous mistakes committed by others before you start your project, review other buildings around site, discover their challenges and how they overcame them. This will also help to speed your project time.
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