Prefabricated Construction

Prefabrication in construction is simply moulding or assembling or fabricating some or most of materials or components we need on site ready on the ground and just hoisting or placing such products in their permanent sites.

The components could be manufactured outside or onsite before major construction starts. For traditional residential buildings, we can do this on concrete facial (errorneously called parapet), concrete lintel and other steel components as required.


1 It saves cost

Most of the components are prepared in more conducive places and factories at a chaper rate because you arent transporting smaller components and human resources to site. transportation cost on materials and manpower is reduced.

2. Easy Assembling

Prefabricated components can easily be installed and dismantled as great care is taken to produce them from workshops and factories.

3. Quality

Better quality is achieved because of the conducive environment where the components are made.

4. Speed

Prefab construction can be very quick, this is what the Chinese used to build an hospital within two weeks all components were manufactured at the factory level so is just to put most in place on site.

5. Time

Record far less time is required to construct a prefabricated building because no delays in trying to get most components ready. Concrete are already in place rather than first do a formwork, pour concrete then allow it to cure/dry/form.

6. Multiplication

You can easily produce more components with same materials, this will help for multiple projects.

7. Safety

Prefabricated construction are safer to handle as most of the dirty works have been done out of site and machineries now take a major role onsite.

8. Less disturbances

It is easy to streamline activities on site, less workers are needed except for certain machineries, less dirts are seen on site because of fewer production.

9. The sites are neater

10. Planning

You have adequate opportunity to cast to plan the construction because of less activities on site

11. Budget

The budget will be better controlled and met as you must have reduced or eliminated site nuisancesand unexpected incidences on site.

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