10 Most Impressive Mega Projects in Senegal (video)

10 most impressive mega ongoing construction projects in Senegal – The Construction sector of any nation plays a fundamental role in defining its socio-economic growth. Situated in the West of Africa, Senegal has been a busy country in the last few years, with many mega projects in the west African region. Building structural infrastructure is one of the foundations of the Emerging Senegal Plan. Under the country’s strategic plan, large-scale infrastructure projects, which include the completion of a new international airport, improvement of the road network, the development of a toll highway and other interdepartmental roads, and the construction of a rapid train, will help speed up their development agenda. Senegal’s economic growth has been among the highest in Africa between 2014 and 2018, remaining above 6% annually. Since early 2020, the COVID pandemic has significantly changed Senegal’s economic outlook. Growth has slowed significantly in the services sector such as tourism and transport, however the construction sector still remains strong, with many ongoing mega projects taking shape in the beautiful west African country. In this video, we will take a look at the 10 of the most impressive ongoing projects in Senegal.

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